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Rabies preventive care

Updated: Saturday, Jan 23,2010, 4:45:16 PM
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(1) timely and thorough cleansing of the wound is an important means of prevention of rabies infection in one of the trouble that some victims reluctant to clean or hastily, nursing staff should be informed of the importance of early thorough cleansing of the wound to facilitate use of 20% soap water or 0.1% benzalkonium bromide, repeated washing 5 ~ 20min (two can not be the same with), the deeper the wound can be wound syringe or insert catheters flushed with deep lines, and then with 70% ~ 75% alcohol or tincture of iodine disinfection wound, the wound is generally not sutured dressing is strictly prohibited. Large vessels, such as injuries or tear is large, should be thoroughly wash the wound under the premise of sparse sutured around the wound with enough anti-rabies serum infiltration injections, when necessary, can be used tetanus antitoxin and antibiotics.

(2) injection of anti-rabies serum 72h after the injection of care and bite anti-rabies serum can reduce the incidence of injection of anti-rabies serum is sometimes difficult to be injured, accepted (the injured, mindful of serum on the body adverse reactions, or economic reasons) . This time to explain patiently and carefully do the work, this is a passive anti-rabies serum immune antibody, it can invade the body and in rabies virus (in the injected vaccine, auto-immune antibodies to produce 10 to 14 days), thereby inhibit viral replication and prolong the incubation period. Re-use vaccines, the formation of passive immunization antibody - auto-immune antibodies "relay" style to continue, so that the incidence of seriously injured patients dropped significantly. Injected with serum before asked in detail about whether the past history of allergies and do serum allergy tests, such as serum test positive, can switch to human rabies immune globulin or serum OK desensitization injections.

(3) injection of purified rabies vaccine for human use care and must supervise the injured person to be vaccinated on time and in sufficient quantities throughout End of the vaccine. However, two kinds of products in serum and vaccine injection site and utensils must be strictly separated. The vaccine should be injected into the wound within the contralateral upper arm deltoid muscle (adults) or wound contralateral anteromedial thigh muscles (children), according to the injection of rabies vaccine 0,3,7,14,28 days 1, children's doses the same. A serious bite in the 0.3 days we have to pay the amount of vaccine, the joint application of serum will, in the first 15.75 days full injection exhausted or section 10,20,90 days to strengthen vaccination.

(4) diet care is being bitten by dogs in the result of these three important aspects of the treatment, but also at a reasonable diet, taboos spicy food, tea, wine, coffee, and avoid over exertion to catch cold. Alcohol abuse, physical weakness and other adverse factors, the stimulation of the incubation period can advance within the pathogenicity of the virus.

(5) The management of contaminated clothing and rabies virus impatience acid, alkali and high temperature, 50 ℃ 15min, 60 ℃ 5min, 100 ℃ 2min Jibei inactivated to inform the injured animal in time to replace torn clothes boiled in order to contact with skin and mucous membranes to prevent further occurrence of "non-bite exposure to infection."

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