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Family Care of Schizophrenia

Updated: Monday, Feb 08,2010, 1:07:09 PM
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World Health Organization (WHO), held at the psychiatric rehabilitation research, there are a number of psychiatric rehabilitation experts prevention: schizophrenia patients treated in the home and care is correct, in particular, have been mild or does not seriously affect the others, and patients with their own security, as well as hospitalization of patients got better. This is not only conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with mental function, but also the relative savings of the nation's medical and health resources and the family financial burden.

Home care patients with schizophrenia medication is the key. For various reasons, patients often refuse medication, in order to ensure the medication by your doctor, the sick family members must first clear the importance of medication, to understand the common sense of some psychotropic drugs, disarmament, "psychotropic drugs more people to eat more silly" and other concerns. Of psychotropic substances should be properly kept on time and according to dosage of medication to patients, do not arbitrarily increase or decrease in medication dose or frequency, not only to see the patient portal to send medicines, but also to ensure that patients will take drugs into the stomach, prevent patients from fraud. Family members should also pay close attention to all the patients after medication reactions: First, the initial medication, to let patients get more rest and less activity, to advise the patient to drink boiled water; second position not to be too drastic a change, especially at night up to the toilet, action should be slow, the best first move in bed Zuoyi Hui again to prevent the postural change it to a sudden drop in blood pressure; third, patiently explained to the patients, early medication side effects, the Metropolitan in 1 ~ 2 days away on its own; Fourth, there difficulty swallowing or even seriously affected the living conditions, they should contact your doctor promptly, so as not to aggravate illness or delayed treatment.

For home care of schizophrenia patients to control their thinking, extremely important. The activities of these patients thought the performance of both sick, but also the normal thinking, in particular, the patient began to improve the condition of psychiatric symptoms gradually disappear, often there were many ambivalence. Patients recovering from illness, feelings of the most vulnerable, the ability to distinguish low, is still the same way normal people can not correctly understand and handle various contradictions, if not handled properly, is easy for the disease fluctuate. Must be patiently and carefully to patients to do ideological work: First, families must be close to the patient, care for the patient to obtain the patient's trust; second is the ideological work should focus on artistic, and have enough patience and enthusiasm, do not light a promise made, even less sternly reprimanded; three to help the patient resolve some practical issues to improve the quality of life, but they have advertised, and to encourage patients to face the reality and do our best; four patients should be guided to enhance learning, improve their ideological self-cultivation, to establish the ideological cheerful, and ease of mind , contentment, etc. the correct outlook on life and allow patients to see the light, and foster the confidence to overcome disease.

Home care patients with schizophrenia and reasonable self-cultivation is essential. Development of a 24-hour work schedule, a day to encourage patients to take part in social activities and domestic activities. Organize some cultural activities, reading some interesting literary books, so happy. In addition, daily walk, accompanied by the patient, persist in moderate physical activity in order not to fatigue as a principle. Food should not only be increased nutrition, but also the right mix of meat and vegetables. Sleep time should not only fully, but also not too much sleep and too much rest, to avoid the mental state of decadence.

In addition, home-based care of patients with schizophrenia, one not forget the fundamentals on a regular basis to the hospital for checks, so according to the disease prognosis, timely adjustment of treatment programs; two is that the patient over a period of time the family return to work after treatment and recuperation time, leadership, colleagues to give more help and encouragement, trades arrangement should be adjusted so that the patients not only feel the collective warmth and friendliness, but also handy to complete its work and allow patients to both recognize the value of their own, but also appreciate the dignity of personality, and so, they will re-Raising life of sailing, in order to build a happy family.

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