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Experts reveal: cancer anti-cancer food list

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 17,2014, 8:24:43 PM
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Japan's an experiment proves that the xianggu mushroom polysaccharide in cancer rates of 80% to 80%, for a variety of malignant tumors such as leukemia, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal, lung, liver has significant curative effect. At present, the domestic and international recognition has cancer anticancer vegetables is in turn: sweet potato, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, celery, eggplant, beet, carrot, shepherd's purse, acupuncture needle, potherb mustard, Chinese cabbage; Fruit is in turn: papaya, strawberry, orange, mandarin orange, kiwi, mango, apricot, persimmon, tomato and watermelon. Experts with cancer anticancer effect is concretely introduces the 10 kinds of food.
Taken the carrots
The study found that carrots contain beta-carotene in the body can be converted into vitamin A, vitamin A have anti-cancer anti-cancer effect. Carrot contains more folic acid, folic acid and also has anti-cancer role. Of lignin could enhance organism immunity 2-3 times, thus indirectly inhibit or destroy carcinogens and cancer cells in the body. In addition, the molybdenum can also prevent cancer anticancer in carrots. So, often eat carrots can prevent cancer.
Taken the cauliflower
Cauliflower anti-cancer effects of the first is that it contains indoles material, it can reduce the estrogen level in the human body, can prevent breast cancer; And indole derivatives such as aromatic isothiocyanate, thiophenol ketone, etc., can resist toxicity of benzopyrene and other carcinogens.
The cauliflower contains a enzymes, radish child element, can make the carcinogen inactivation, can reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal and respiratory tract cancer, so nutrition medicine thinks, suffering from stomach trouble especially women with a family history of breast cancer, eating broccoli can prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer, breast cancer. In addition, cauliflower contains more fiber, vitamin C, carotene, trace elements, they all have anti-cancer effects.
Cauliflower also can prevent prostate cancer. The study found that eating cruciferous vegetables reduces the risk of prostate cancer. However, cauliflower must rely on chewing ability makes its anti-cancer effect.
Taken the mushrooms
Xianggu mushroom contains a "beta glycosidase enzymes" material, can strengthen the body's anti-cancer effect. Japan's an experiment proves that the xianggu mushroom polysaccharide in cancer rates of 80% to 80%, for a variety of malignant tumors such as leukemia, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal, lung, liver has significant curative effect.
In addition, cancer in early stage, insist on eating mushrooms, can restrain its development, even can make it disappear. This is because the mushroom not only sugar, but also contains interferon inducer double-stranded RNA, able to enter the cancer cells inhibit the proliferation. In all sorts of cancer after surgery for edible mushrooms, also can prevent the transfer of cancer cells.
Needle mushroom stems contains a protein, it can stimulate the natural anti-cancer mechanism of cervical cancer patients, making patients rely on their own immune system to fight cancer cells. Held on mushroom contains more than ten kinds of effective anti-cancer properties, including tricholoma matsutake polysaccharide is the strongest known helper T lymphocyte stimulator, it can effectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells, has strong resistance to radiation, antitumor activity, resistance to radiation damage the body's cells and the effect of inhibiting tumor cell proliferation, and can absorb, excretion, carcinogens, prevent chemicals, radiation and viruses cause cancer.
Grape has strong anticancer properties, because it contains resveratrol can prevent healthy cells canceration, and inhibit has spread of malignant cells.
Taken the sweet potato
In 20 of the tumor cells have obvious inhibition effect of vegetables, sweet potatoes in the first place, suppressor of cooked sweet potatoes at a rate of 98.7%, sweet potato was 94.4%.
The researchers found that sweet potatoes contain anti-cancer substances, inhibited the growth of the cancer cells called sugar fat; Still have a kind of active substances in sweet potato male sterone called DNA, it can restrain and kill cancer cells, and can make the immune system of weak refreshed, prevention and treatment of breast and colon cancers.
Taken the grapes
Grape has strong anticancer properties, because it contains resveratrol can prevent healthy cells canceration, and inhibit has spread of malignant cells. In more than seventy kinds of plants, including supplied from grapes, peanuts, resveratrol were found, however, the highest content of resveratrol in grape and grape products. Of all the wines contain a certain amount of resveratrol, is the highest levels of red wine, so often drink red wine has a certain anti-cancer effect.
Taken the pomelo citrus
Presence of calcium in the natural food can prevent colon cancer, and is one of the best natural food calcium grapefruit, every 100 grams grapefruit contain up to 519 mg calcium, so often eat grapefruit can prevent the happening of the colorectal cancer. Grapefruit also can be used as the prevention of cancer patients before radiotherapy protective foods. Scientists also found that the pomelo peel itself has like ginseng strong anticancer activity, the inhibition rate of cervical cancer cells, in vitro experiment is as high as 70% - 90%.
Juice in there is a strong anticancer substance, namely "nomilin", it can make the decomposition of carcinogenic chemicals, significantly reduce their toxicity, can also be cut off virus nucleic acid of long carbon chain, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer.
Moreover, citrus, there is also a class called terpenes substances in it and berries of ellagic acid can activate protein molecules in cell, the carcinogen surrounded the invading the body cells, and make use of the cell membrane of phagocytosis, outside the cells of the carcinogens eduction to prevent cancer.
Taken the seafood
At present, various Marine medicine extracted from Marine organisms, has set up a file in the cancer anticancer shows unique efficacy. Kelp, seaweed, such as wakame seaweed, has certain anti-cancer effect. Kelp contains a variety of trace elements, the content of iodine is particularly rich, and its organic iodine absorption in the body, the discharge is slow, is very effective in preventing cancer.
Kelp in addition to contain protein, fat, minerals and other nutrients, also can selectively filter out strontium, cadmium and other carcinogens. At the same time, because it contains cellulose is not easy to be digested, can increase the amount of shit, prompting the elimination of the certain carcinogens in the body, and help to prevent cancer care.

Marine fish contain anti-cancer fitness material. Cod liver oil, for example, some material on the white blood cells in the tumor necrosis factor and white blood cells interstitial has certain inhibition effect, right amount edible fish liver oil, is not only beneficial to the human body to eliminate inflammation, micturition function can also improve the human body, reduce the impurities in the blood.
Taken the asparagus
Asparagus, asparagus, contain a variety of anti-cancer nutrients. First of all, it contains a protein can effectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells; Second, asparagus in a large amount of folic acid, nucleic acid, selenium and asparagine enzymes, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, prevent cancer cells to spread; Third, and most important, namely the asparagus extract can cause cancer cells to DNA double chain rupture, this makes the asparagus cancer has the selectivity of what scientists hope: can directly kill cancer cells, and has no side effects on normal cells.
It is important to note that when the asparagus for auxiliary treatment of tumor diseases, ensure that every day will only be effective. Asparagus can fry, boil, braise, cold, also can do soup, but should not be eaten raw, otherwise may cause abdominal distention, diarrhea.
Taken the tomato
Rich in lycopene in tomato, have unique antioxidant capacity, scavenging free radicals, protect cells, DNA and genes from damage, prevent canceration process. The secretion of cytokines, can dissolve activation of lymphocytes in cancer cells. Tomatoes in addition to have a prevention effect on prostate cancer, can effectively reduce pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, the risk of oral cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.
Taken the beans
Soya bean to prevent breast cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer effect is very good. In the diet as long as the containing 5% of the soybean or its manufactured goods, chemical carcinogens can significantly inhibit cause breast cancer. Soy contains abundant isoflavones quality, it is a weak estrogen, menopausal women eating soy, often before to estrogen secretion regulation has the good effect, so as to relieve menopausal symptoms, also can adjust the reaction of mammary gland of estrogen, abnormal changes in the breast tissue is not easy, have the effect that prevent breast cancer.
Soy contains many kinds of trace elements, such as cobalt, selenium, molybdenum and so on, often feed soy beans and bean curd, can significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer and colorectal cancer.

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