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Common Mineral Materia Medica

Updated: Friday, May 08,2009, 2:16:30 PM
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In Shel shelphreng gong, there are 183 kinds, and 862 in total mineral medicines, but it has yet modern systematization from a scientific point of view. Here are common in this category.
Rubra (Pad ma ga ra)
It is a jewel oxygen belonging to corundum, its chemical formula being A1203. Its color varies with the content of oxygenated constituent, so that when there are 0.1-3% of oxygen to aluminum, it is red. It appears in May in pink, red or scarlet. The best color is pigeon blood red, produced in Myanmar. The crystals are cylindrically shaped. Its hardness of 9, the relative density 3.97-4.05. It appears in red under ultraviolet light.

Indication: leprosy, schizophrenia, epilepsy and stroke.
Sapphire (Ain dra ni 'la)
Similarly, a jewel oxygenated, the crystal reveals a short square-shaped biconical,
chemical formula A1203. It has different colors of white, yellow (which contains nickel), green (containing iron and chromium), blue (containing iron, titanium) and jade green (containing vanadium). Its hardness of 9, the relative density 3.99-4.1.
Those produced in Sri Lanka and Kashmir be red or orange fluorescence in long-wave ultraviolet. A sapphire reveal no fluorescence. It is also produced in the Liuhe County of Jiangsu Province.

Indication: all kinds of disorders of the devil.
Star Sapphire (Baidurya)
With a chemical formula of the A1203, it is blue with a little pink or
blue gray and is mainly produced in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand and Australia.

Indication: all kinds of disorders of the devil.
Beryl Rose (Nal)
A kind of Aquamarium, it has a curved surface like a ball, the chemical formula being Be3A1 [Si6018]. Generally, it is red, but when it contains cesium and lithium, it is red or pink fishing red. When it contains manganese, it is called bixbitum, the relative density to be 2.7-2.9, hardness 7.5. It is a remarkable dual-color: pink-blue. It is produced in Xinjiang, and Madacascar and Brazil.

Indication: the thermal treatment of liver diseases and food poisoning.
Diamond (EJN Rdo lam pa)
A natural gem formed under high pressure and high temperature. It is known in Latin as C adamas with chemical formula. His appearance is a twelve-faceted rectangle crystal. Commonly regarded as colorless, light yellow, light blue. Colorless and transparent are better. The concentrated red, blue, green, yellow gold is also called a "beautiful diamond." Its hardness is 10, and is resistant to corrosion and scratching both, relative density 3.47-3.55. Although distributed worldwide, the product of South Africa is particularly famous. The largest diamond weighed 31.75g.It China is used to treat the "three evils", or lack of dung, mkhris pa, and badkan.

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