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Causes and prevention of uneven fingernails

Updated: Thursday, Jan 07,2016, 2:40:44 PM
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Energy-saving this situation is likely to be suffering from a disease of the nails. Most likely is the nail dystrophy or ringworm of the nails, nail dystrophy performance for the deck thinning, or is a vertical lines, a horizontal, uneven dots, serious when appear a separation or pachyonychia, fragile, dull and so on.

The collapse of part of the nail edge may be hypothyroidism or signs of thyroid function hyperfunction, myeloid cell tumor, anemia and lung cancer and diabetes, of course, specific diagnosis by a doctor. And nails off is likely to be a fever, severe diabetes, nervous tension, pneumonia, psoriasis, or signs of rejection of the drug.

If both ends of the nail uneven phenomenon, may be signs in iron deficiency and anemia, coronary heart disease, thyroid function recession or malnutrition. If the capillary rupture caused by nail bleeding phenomenon, there are 10% to 20% of the may be because the body is subject to trauma.

1, the lack of nutrition, it was observed that long-term starvation, finger paralysis or fixed factors such as nail growth slow. Suffering from iron deficiency anemia caused by limb ischemia and Raynaud's disease, can cause uneven nail disease. That uneven fingernails and nutrition also have a certain relationship.

Generally speaking: a performance of such a disease that the lack of body calcium, protein and sulfur elements, these nutrients can be obtained from the eggs, garlic, patients are advised to eat frequently as well.

2, of the weather, has to fall, the weather becoming cooler, and the approach of winter weather will be more cold, cold can constrict the blood vessels and the velocity of blood flow slowed down, increasing the peripheral tissue hypoxia, resulting in uneven nails.

3, fungal infection, because they do not pay attention to personal hygiene caused bacteria infections can lead to the nails uneven, if nail symptoms in addition to depression, uneven with yellowing, thickening of the then it must be ringworm of the nails, which requires timely check and accept a system to treat.


1, do not lend to other common daily necessities, such as socks, slippers, towels and other foot rub footbath; not shared with others. This is the key to prevent indirect infection.

2, to develop good health habits, usually ground feet, frequently changes the socks, shoes and socks often insolate, keep dry.

3 and acrohyperhidrosis, appropriate to use some inhibit local perspiration treatment, summer is tinea of feet and hands prone period, with particular attention to.

4, do a good job in environmental health, do not give pathogenic fungi to create growth and reproduction of the external ring.

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