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7 simple little moves to keep a long life

Updated: Thursday, Jul 09,2015, 3:46:11 PM
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Overlooking. Overlooking the help of ocular relaxation, equivalent to do the eye exercise regimen. Specific method is: in the balcony or climbing the mountain and regular rotation of peace eye as the distant roof, spire and other scenery. You can turn the eye in overlooking, eye head, rotary eye movement 10 times.

Halitus. After getting up in the morning to the place with fresh air, will maximize the mouth open, outward ha breath and then close up, when closing the mouth gently tapping teeth. This movement, which can stimulate the brain through the reflection of the facial nerve, so that the brain as soon as possible. Open mouth and closed mouth, can make the face more than 40 muscles rhythmic motion, prevent the elderly hemifacial atrophy. In addition, opening and closing the mouth can make guttural ministry activities, keep eustachian tube patency, both inside and outside the middle ear pressure balance, prevent deafness in the elderly.

Swallow saliva. Chinese medicine, saliva filling, slowly swallowing, can nourish the skin, moisture five internal organs, make people live longer. The specific method is, lips micro alloy, relax the body, tongue stir enunciation is generally around the upper and lower teeth operation, first right after the left, after the first, followed by gently stir the 36 times, forced to be soft and natural, and with the tip of the tongue withstood palate 1 ~ 2 minutes, prompted the parotid and sublingual salivary secretion, be full of saliva in the mouth when, gills drums gargle 36 times. Shu Jin, the fluid in mouth 3 mouth swallow.

Rub ear. Ear kidney outside the body, through the brain, the body is the main and collateral channels converge. Often rub ears, can dredge main and collateral channels, Qi and blood circulation, balance of yin and Yang, enhance the hearing, illnesses and health. Moore actions include: carrying the tragus, with the index finger, thumb pulling the tragus, from inside to outside pull. Sweep the ear, ear by hands after the forward sweep, hear "wipe" sound.

Turn neck. Long term incorrect posture can easily lead to related tissue hyperplasia, damage and eventually lead to cervical spondylosis, old friends can do more to do the neck fuck. The action is very simple, complete neck flexion, extension, left and right, such as movement, speed as slowly as possible, amplitude as large as possible. At the same time, with a shrug, trying to get the shoulders close to the ears, and then put down.

Make a fist. Specific practice is: the thumb in the palm of the hand, and the rest of the four fingers wrapped thumb and clenched fists. At the same time, the body a little force, and then let go, repeat 50 to 80 times. The thumb and middle finger contact place is Laogong, fist just press this point, can play a clear fire, the role of An Xinshen.

On tiptoe. Old friends sitting for a long time, it is best to do a "tiptoe" movement, the return of lower extremity blood smooth, not only can avoid soreness and numbness in the lower limbs, can also eliminate suddenly to stand and the occurrence of the phenomenon of black eyes, dizzy. The method is to bring the feet together, legs, feet and whereabouts, stop motion, light earthquake ground. Together a fall for once, pay attention to maintain balance, repeated 7 times.

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