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15 cancer signal can not be ignored

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 28,2014, 2:49:51 PM
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Cancer is no longer an incurable disease, but discovered too late still had many regrets. In fact, some early cancer is some traces can be found. The following 15 cancer signal to alert.

In 1, abdominal distension

Many women feel abdominal distension are extremely common, don't get excited over a little thing. However, this may be symptoms of ovarian cancer. Tianjin Tumour Hospital tumor prevention medical center director Liu Juntian introduced, continued swelling of the abdomen, the sense of oppression and pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, difficulty eating or easily appear to have a sense of satiety, weeks, may be signs of ovarian cancer.

2, irregular bleeding

American oncologist Dr. Daly said, among the menstrual cycle, abnormal vaginal bleeding and bleeding easily women ignore. They are likely to be a symptom of common gynecologic cancer, endometrial cancer, there are at least 3/4 of women with this sign, was diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma. The stool bleeding may be a sign of colon cancer.

3, breast lumps

If women found a lump in the breast skin redness,, it do be careful. "Especially the breast skin rash, and last a few weeks do not retreat, need to check." Oncologist Dr. Hannah Linden said. In addition, she points out, the non lactating women, nipple retraction, and is often out of the liquid, the signal is not good.

4, the pain

American Cancer Society says, increase with age, physical pain will increase. But a part of the body appear inexplicable pain and lasted for more than a week, should identify the cause as soon as possible, because It is without rhyme or reason. pain could be a sign of cancer. For example, the long pain is a symptom of colorectal cancer, chest pain may be caused by lung cancer, bone pain may be symptoms of cancer metastasis. Liu Juntian pointed out that, pancreatic cancer will be reflected in the abdominal area, such as the navel or right upper quadrant persistent dull pain or cramps, may be intermittent, can also be persistent, usually will gradually increase, to the back radiation.

5, changes in lymph nodes

Linden says, no matter which part of the body, especially the axillary or neck lymph node enlargement occurs, must not be let down. If lymph node continues to increase, more than 1 months, is likely to be breast cancer or cancer symptoms.

6, have a fever

Have a fever in general by the flu, pneumonia or other inflammatory causes, however, have a fever of unknown cause may be dangerous signs. American Cancer Society says, the cancer spread to other body organs, usually cause have a fever. Lymphoma, leukemia and other blood cancers also have a fever symptoms. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences tumour hospital cancer department director Xu Zhijian added, lymphoma will behave as a sustained low fever in the early and middle period, body temperature at 38 degrees Celsius, when the combined infection may be fever. The necessary examination including chest X ray, CT scan, MRI examination.

7, inexplicable weight reduction

No effort can reduce weight really happy, but if a month without increasing the amount of exercise, and no reduction of diet, body weight decreased by 10% but somehow, it should be timely medical treatment. A sharp decline in weight, anorexia, recurrent diarrhea and constipation is the most common type of lung cancer, gastric cancer, kidney cancer and colorectal cancer symptoms, the female may also be hyperthyroidism.

8, persistent abdominal pain and with depression

Dr. Leonardo Richtonfield, the American Cancer Society officials said that if sustained abdominal pain and symptoms associated with depression, most likely with pancreatic cancer. Because experts found that the relationship between pancreatic cancer and great depression. Other symptoms include jaundice or abnormal stool was gray.

9, fatigue

Generally speaking, the feeling of fatigue, is a sign of cancer have been developed, but for colorectal and gastric cancer, leukemia, probably early onset will feel tired. What is the difference between the cancer fatigue and general fatigue? The American Cancer Society experts say, general fatigue rest will disappear, and the fatigue of cancer regardless of how to rest, would find it very hard to improve.

10, cough

The United States Ranit Micheli of Georgetown University School of Medicine said, if unexplained persistent cough, more than 3 - 4 weeks, you should see a doctor promptly, there may be a sign of lung cancer or laryngeal carcinoma.

11, dysphagia

Leach said Dr. Gordon field, long-term dysphagia, may be a sign of cancer of the larynx, esophagus cancer and gastric cancer, should accept the X chest X-ray or endoscopy. The so-called dysphagia, Liu Juntian introduced, generally refers to eat there retrosternal pain, esophageal foreign body sensation, some people even do not eat, will also feel the esophageal wall like leaves, debris or grain like material attached, swallow food would be food down slowly, even stay in the esophagus.

12, changes in the skin

Philadelphia Fawkes Zeiss Cancer Research Center oncologist Dr. Mary Daly reminded, skin appears suddenly mass or pigmentation, and change is obvious, may be signs of skin cancer. Observed after a few weeks should immediately seek medical treatment. In addition, both young and old, once the skin of sudden hemorrhage or abnormal flaking, also should go to see a doctor.

In 13, abnormal bleeding

Dr. Micheli said, hematochezia in addition to hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer is likely to be symptoms, when necessary, should undergo colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening. Department of Urology Beijing Tongren Hospital chief physician Chen Shan reminds, above 40 year old, except for female menstrual period, such as painless hematuria and dysuria, should be alert to bladder cancer or renal cell carcinoma. Colorectal cancer in addition to blood in the stool, if the tumor is in close proximity to the anus, which may occur in the stool thinning, increased frequency and other symptoms, or even cause defecate difficulty.

14, oral changes

According to the American Cancer Society, smokers should pay special attention to oral and white patches on the tongue, this may be the precursor of oral cancer: leukoplakia.

15, indigestion

Women (excluding pregnancy) long unexplained persistent indigestion possibly gastric cancer esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, symptom.

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