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An Explanation of Allergies that You Should Read

Updated: Friday, Aug 19,2011, 5:21:13 PM
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Most people are familiar with seasonal allergies. It is when the time of year will affect your nasal passages. It is caused by certain types of pollen are in the air because of the fresh vegetation that is around. This pollen and other spores, such as mold, are floating in the air so that when a breath is taken, they actually enter the body either through the mouth or nose. The spores, when entering the body, causes the person with seasonal allergies to sneeze, have itchy and watery eyes, and causes their nose to run. These reactions occur because the body is actually trying to flush the pollen and spores out the best way it can.

Many conditions in the body are caused by our environment and the foods we eat. Almost 50% of the population has some form of allergies, triggered by either outside forces or by ingesting something that the body can’t handle. The following is an article that has will help with explanation of allergies and the symptoms to look for.

Although this type of allergy is not life threatening, it can cause the person with the allergy to be miserable during the spring and summer months. These allergies will often send the person to the drug store looking for some kind of medication that can help relieve the symptoms. If the over the counter medications don’t work, your doctor can help by giving you allergy shots. This can be quite affective but can prove to be quite costly.

Another type of allergy that exists in many people is allergies to certain foods. This is when certain foods, most commonly peanuts, gluten and eggs, cause your body to have a severe reaction. Swelling of the face and throat will occur and this can be deadly. The only way to avoid having an allergic reaction to foods that disagree with the body is to avoid them and any type of processed foods that may contain the ingredient that cause the reaction.

When someone is allergic to medicines, whether it is over the counter or prescribed, it can also be a deadly situation. One of the most common medicines that people tend to be allergic to is penicillin and any medications that are in the penicillin family. It is imperative that you tell your doctor and nurses that you are allergic to this medication so that is not accidently given to you. These medications are known as antibiotics and they are used to fight infections. A doctor can prescribe other antibiotics that will fight the infection without putting a patient’s life at risk.

There are many other people that claim to be allergic to cats, dogs and other domestic animals that have fur. They may not necessarily be allergic to the animal itself; it is usually an allergic reaction to the dander that the animal releases from its furry coat. This kind of allergic reaction can get severe enough to send someone with the allergy to the hospital because of the swelling of the face and throat.

Not only will animals cause an allergic reaction, insects can trigger the reaction as well. Biting insects, such as fleas and mosquitoes, will cause some people to swell and itch. This can easily be treated with a topical solution and over the counter medications.

Another very common allergy trigger is certain types of plants, poison ivy and oak being the most common. Itching and redness will occur, sometimes becoming severe. It is not an uncommon occurrence to have to seek medical attention in some cases of poison ivy and oak reactions.

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