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12-layer masks in order to prevent influenza

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 25,2009, 4:37:19 PM
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Masks are generally divided into two kinds of civil and medical. Civil mask 4 layer, 6 layers, 8 layers and 12 layers, of which only 12-layer cotton mask can prevent the spread of pathogens, wearing other masks can not be disease prevention. General stall sold a dollar masks are only 1 to 3 layers of cloth cloth masks, can not stop the spread of pathogens, bacteria will directly be inhaled; fever clinics and isolation wards A flow of the staff are all wearing N95 Surgical masks or 12 or more layers of medical cotton masks. 12-story cotton masks can be purchased at major pharmacies.

Experts reminded the public that the cotton masks can be worn by 500mg / L chlorine disinfectant for 30 minutes disinfection can also be used steam pressure steam sterilization for 20 minutes.

A stream of consciousness of anti-mask good, but not all occasions, to wear a mask. Generally speaking, in the suburbs, parks, sightseeing or shopping, when there is no need to wear a mask. Because of the possibility of the spread of the virus in the outdoors is very small, as long as the place where air circulation is generally not infected. In close contact with patients who must wear a mask, such as a flow of families of patients to the hospital suffering from chronic diseases of children and elderly.

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