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DC Bio-immunotherapy, the gold standard of human preferred Liver

Updated: Saturday, Oct 17,2009, 2:36:07 PM
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DC originate from bone marrow of the professional antigen-presenting cells, because the surface of dendritic processes with many named, mature DC cells with an active athletic ability, no or only weak phagocytic function, the lack of glass or plastic lack of sustained long-lasting mucosal adhesion.

     70 years since the last century, scholars from the United States Steinman and Cohn found that DC antigen-presenting cells and a strong feature, DC in anti-virus, anti-cancer research has always been a concern. As a professional antigen-presenting cells, DC can uptake, processing and presenting antigens and stimulating factors in the absence of any other conditions to start the body's immune response, thereby gaining a reputation as a natural adjuvant, with connecting innate immunity and specificity of immune bridge role in the immune response to infection, tumor immunotherapy, organ transplantation and the treatment of chronic hepatitis B compelling.

     The study found that hepatitis B vaccine can be activated DC, DC activation can predict the extent of HBV carriers receiving the vaccine effectiveness of therapy. From the peripheral blood of patients with chronic hepatitis B were isolated DC, in vitro amplification of the same time, with the key hole hemocyanin and HBsAg etc. ,7-9 days to stimulate the re-transfusion therapy in chronic HBV persistent infection, this therapy can effectively promote HBeAg, HBsAg, HBVDNA overcast, so that liver function returned to normal.

     1, uptake, processing and presenting antigens to link innate immunity and specific immunity.

     2, DC-induced T-cell activation, enhanced activation of anti-viral immune response.

     3, induced killer (CIK), for adoptive immunotherapy.

     4, a high degree of activation of effector cells and improve liver function.

     5, improving immune function, direct anti-HBV therapy, kill the virus.

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