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Composition and modification of requirements

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 11,2009, 4:43:17 PM
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This can be illustrated in the following three aspects. First, the drugs work even if they are used together, can enhance the therapeutic effect for serious illnesses. For example, the synergy of Mangxiao (Natrii Sulpher) and Dahuang (Rhizome Rhei and Radix) can enhance the therapeutic effects of the elimination of pathogens by treatment in the treatment of severe syndrome of heat accumulation, for example, Da Tang Chengqi. Secondly, the actions of different drugs in combination can broaden the scope of therapeutic application in the treatment of complex conditions. For example, Renshen (Radix Ginseng) able to strengthen and Maimendong qi (Radix Ophiopogon) nourish the yin of the combined action is to strengthen the qi and yin deficiency of two of qi and yin, for example, Shengmai San.
Thirdly, the radical and harmful drug May be used with certain medications can reduce or eliminate side effects or toxicity, so they are not likely to generate or at least produce less damage to the body of resistance or toxic reaction. For example, Gansui (Euphorbia) is to eliminate the reservoir of liquid, but it is radical and toxic in real estate. If Dazao (Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae) are added, they can mitigate the side effects, for example, Shizao Tang. Therefore, it is obvious that the rational and appropriate compatibility of drugs contributes to the full play of the drug contributes to the efficiency and to minimize or get rid of the toxicity and side effects of drugs.
Apart from very few of any single drug prescriptions used in the clinic, the vast majority of drugs are compounds composed of two or more drugs. The reasons are that the action of a single drug is usually limited, and some of them May produce some side effects or toxicity. But when multiple drugs are used together, providing a free play of their advantages and avoid disadvantages, they show their superiority over a single drug for the treatment of diseases. 

That is why the provisions are made so widely used.To achieve the above requirement that in order to meet the requirement of clinical syndromes to the greatest extent, it is imperative that medicines and requirements be chosen flexibly to adapt to specific syndromes supervised the formulation of principle.
Membership requirements
How to make orders with different drugs according to their compatibility wise? In addition to a precise differentiation of syndromes, the development of therapeutic method and choice of appropriate drugs and doses, it is necessary to follow the principle of curious monarch (June), Minister (chen), adjuvant (zuo) and guide (shi) of drugs in a prescription.
Monarch Drug be an essential ingredient in the prescription, it plays a leadership role aimed at treating the cause or the main syndrome of the disease. Minister of drugs helps to strengthen the curative effects of the monarch drugs.
Adjuvant drug. It refers. ① ingredient to cooperate with the monarch and the Minister of drugs to enhance therapeutic effects accompanying or treat diseases and syndromes; ② ingredient to inhibit the toxicity or the drastic impact of the monarch and the minister drugs; ③ ingredient to own the properties and flavor as opposed to those of the monarch drug, but playing in full effect when the treatment of serious diseases due to pathogens to refuse patients the drug.
Directors of drugs: It refers to the main ingredient ① other drugs in the order to the affected area, and regulation of the ingredient ② the properties of other drugs in the order.
Mahuang Tang Take for example, to explain the principle of the formulation above. This recipe is composed of Mahuang (Herba Ephedrae) 9 g, Guizhi (Ramulus Cin namomi) 6 g, Xingren (Semen Armniacae Amarum) 6 g, and Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae) 3 g. It is used to treat the syndrome from the outside due to the excess of affection exogenous pathogenic wind cold, marked by aversion to cold, fever, headache, general pain, anhidrosis, asthma, white fur and fine, superficial and tense pulse. The syndrome is caused by these exogenous wind cold. Its leader is the syndrome's attack cold wind on the area, support is the obstruction of lung-qiThus therapy for the expulsion of cold to relieve the exterior syndrome and facilitate the flow of qi lung to relieve asthma should be used. The first two ingredients in this recipe are both spicy flavor and warm in property, able to hunt the cold to relieve the exterior syndrome. But Mahuang (Herba Ephedrae) bears a very high efficiency with a large dose, and is therefore used as monarch drug dealWith to the cause of the disease and the head syndrome (Ramulus cinnamomi) helps Mahuang (Herb Epheadrae) induce perspiration to disperse cold and expulsion external pathogens and functions of Minister of drugs. Xingren (Semen Armeniacae Amarum) acts as an adjuvant drug with the function of the descent to increase the Qi, stop cough and relieve asthma, and is specifically meant to treat symptoms. The final ingredient in this recipe may mediate the properties of drugs on the one hand, membership of a mediation of the drug drug guide. On the other hand, it is the sweet and mild to the property, and can relieve excessive diaphoretic effects induced by the first two ingredients that are pungent and warm in nature, it is simultaneously the adjuvant drug.
Here is an outline of the development of the recipe above:
This principle of the formation of an order indicates that the drugs in their respective importance of the effect of the order of the monarch, minister, and guide adjuvant drugs. In addition, drugs are a recipe related to each other - the monarch and the Minister of drugs cooperate with each other, the coordinates or adjuvant drug inhibits the monarch and the minister for drugs, to ensure the best effect of the revenue through a deal or relationship. In addition, each recipe is always the monarch, minister, and guide adjuvant drugs, or all four elements play a unique role in a recipe. Thus, the composition of the monarch, minister, and adjuvant therapeutic medicines depends on conditions. Although monarch drug is essential for a recipe, it does not necessarily mean that the other three should be included in the recipe. If the monarch is the drug sufficient power, the Minister of drugs will not be included in the recipe. If the first two ingredients are not toxic goods and drastic adjuvant drug is not necessary. If the drugs to treat the syndrome of the head can come from the game, no director will be involved in drugs. Some drugs have the minister in May according to the adjuvant drug at the same time, it is also true of certain medications drug adjuvant directors, for example, Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae) in Mahuang Tang is a director of drug per se, but it has a competitor of the adjuvant drug. Therefore, this principle should never be applied mechanically.
Drugs in an order in accordance with the principle of compatibility, special effects and action. They interact with and inhibit each other. In this way, they form an organic whole with rigorous compatibility, thus producing therapeutic effects.
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