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Soothing Hands And Traditional Therapy

Updated: Sunday, Aug 30,2009, 10:31:19 PM
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 "When we lived in the Soviet Union, we lived a couple hundred miles from each other," she said through her thick Russian accent. "We graduated from the same school but different years. We didn¡¯t even know each other."
Today, the two close friends, and owners of Soothing Hands Massage, are shedding light on traditional healing through a variety of therapies.

Pollard and Manov are Russian Certified Massage Therapists, specializing in classic European massage. Classic European massage, she said, is a mix and blend of different styles of massage techniques taken from three primary styles.

"We take the best techniques from Swedish, Finnish and Russian massage," Pollard said. "Russian massage includes more kneading. It stimulates the nervous system. Finnish, like Swedish, is more strong."

Massage therapy has proven beneficial for many conditions, Pollard said, including pain, arthritis, tension, stress, high blood pressure among other ailments. It can also provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Depending on what the individual needs, she said, they also offer deep tissue massage, reflexology, hot stone massage and a technique that requires the hands of two therapists.

One tablespoon of ground aloe vera plants, mixed with honey and butter are good for stomach problems as well, she said.

For high blood pressure, Pollard recommends fresh cut lemon with green tea.

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