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The diet to restore penile cancer

Updated: Thursday, Apr 01,2010, 4:35:12 PM
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(1) diet principles

A. Diet should include anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory foods such as walnuts, melon baskets, and lobster sauce, olives, almonds, loofah, crucian carp.

B. To enhance immune function, can use turtle, turtles, shrimp, worm, herring, sand fish.

C. Symptomatic ulcer selection of food, such as shepherd's purse, screws, gold treasure vegetables, fish, Sea Harrier, rape, taro, green beans, bean, Chen flour, Kalimeris, loach, shad.

D. Lymph nodes can use taro, bonus, lily, mulberry, cement, Maorou, Yang Du.

Taboo: Food taboos with gastrointestinal tumors, in particular, should ban all hot foods such as meat, dog meat, chives and the like.

(2) diet recipes

Against penile cancer:

A. Almonds, walnuts: Tianxing Ren 5 grams, walnut meat, 2 total trace fine, slowly Jiaofu.

B. Yam carp: 9 grams yam, Tianxing Ren 9 grams, stuffed carp, the seasoned cook.

C. Purslane fried kidney: 30-60 grams of fresh purslane, wash, eat fried pig kidney. 30-120 grams Jiantang also available verbena fumigation.

Anti-ulcer infection:

A. Shenqi pigeon: pigeon wash, Cheuk-off, add onion, ginger, sugar, alcohol co-evaporated, pour the juice, Duiru ginseng, wolfberry juice boil, thicken, pour into the pigeon (the < Song Helou Herbal Spectrum>).

B. Steamed shad: shad steamed, can add flavors, bamboo shoots cook. May also end with fresh baked shad scales topical, alias Bailong Dan. This side of the original treatment of sores, burns hot, this is also effective for penile cancer.

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