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Lung cancer chemotherapy

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 20,2009, 9:14:03 PM
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In recent years, the incidence of lung cancer increased year by year, for various reasons, patients with lung cancer diagnosis, most have varying degrees of transfer, lost the chance of operation, but also some patients despite its operation, but was soon in the lungs or other parts appeared metastasis. Therefore, lung cancer chemotherapy (hereinafter referred to chemotherapy) as a systemic treatment approach, the importance of increasing attention. How to select patients with lung cancer chemotherapy do?

1, acute symptoms, slow root of the problem, local body combination. Patients with lung cancer have clinical symptoms according to body condition and choose different methods of chemotherapy and, if severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, or hemoptysis, and can be used with interventional chemotherapy, choose bronchial artery or pulmonary artery catheter treatment; if a large number of those with pleural effusion, should be taken of the chest after thoracic drainage of local chemotherapy, a diagnosis but the symptoms improved or when the lesion has been widely or bone, brain, lung and other distant metastases, systemic chemotherapy should be preferred. Even if only a relatively limited tumor must also be added with systemic chemotherapy because of distant metastasis of lung cancer is relatively common, while systemic chemotherapy is a kind of effective means to prevent tumor metastasis.

2, treatment must be standardized, and after cleaning essential. Many lung cancer patients after chemotherapy significantly reduced mass, or even disappear, but soon but recurrence or metastasis, one important reason for the treatment of not up to standard. Lung cancer, scaly type, glandular and small cell undifferentiated type, which do not cytology. Have different clinical stages, medication programs, chemotherapy, and treatment also vary, so must be given standardized treatment. In general, small cell undifferentiated lung cancer due to the high degree of malignancy, distant metastasis early, we should as far as possible the whole table clock chemotherapy, duration of treatment longer. Squamous, adenocarcinoma give more consideration to local chemotherapy, and treatment may be shorter number. Lung Cancer Patients in vivo may be due to the existence of undiscovered micro-metastasis, as a precautionary measure, it should be a "sweep" of systemic chemotherapy, with the remnants of anti-cancer cells in vivo, as hand surgery in stage Ⅱ or more phases and after the need for chemotherapy, the time after 3-4 weeks is appropriate, methods, and treatment by different cell types?

Third, immuno-chemotherapy combination, biological missiles, good curative effect. Because chemotherapy drugs have greater toxicity, and some methods such as chemotherapy, interventional therapy such as certain traumatic. So that the use of chemotherapy, subject to certain restrictions. The immunization and the method of combining chemotherapy, the monoclonal antibody (referred to as monoclonal antibodies) and anti-cancer drug treatment relative to the whole guitar is up for this shortfall, greatly widened the road of anti-cancer treatment. As the monoclonal antibody with specific-oriented, it is known as bio-missiles can go straight into the tumor tissue in vivo, this time connected with drugs or radioactive material (known as the warhead) and vector (mAb) after the separation of the cancer cells Hugh kill specific role, while very little normal tissue damage can significantly improve efficacy, reduce side effects of chemotherapy.

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