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How to see the chest X-ray of pulmonary tuberculosis

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 22,2015, 5:06:29 PM
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1, the characteristics of chestnut grain

Acute Li - Li pulmonary tuberculosis has the same size and uniform distribution on the chest X-ray, which is about 1~3 mm in size. Chronic or subacute pulmonary tuberculosis with medium or above Li li.

2, the characteristics of invasive

This type of pulmonary tuberculosis, there is a variety of performance on the chest. The condition of the disease is relatively small, only the appearance of the tip of the lung, the shadow of the strip, the sharp edge of the tumor and the case of the invasion of the clavicle. Severe cases will appear empty, lobar infiltration, lobular or caseous lobar pneumonia.

3, the characteristics of chronic fibrous cavity

On chest radiographs showed different editions of bronchial disseminated lesions, single or multiple fiber thick wall cavities, hilum of lung, pulmonary vascular was LiuXu secondary lesions.

I believe that we have a number of new understanding of pulmonary tuberculosis. But it is worth reminding that in recent years, a lot of tuberculosis does not meet the above characteristics. In the newly discovered elderly pulmonary tuberculosis, atypical 1/3 appearances, nearly half of the lesions were located in the middle and lower lobe. We need to cooperate with the hospital to check, in order to better understand their condition.

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