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Dietary Therapy of chronic glomerulonephritis

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 3:39:47 PM
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Most of chronic nephritis is a change from acute nephritis, a small number of patients with slow onset of acute glomerulonephritis without a clear history of a chronically found. Manifested mainly backache leg swelling, Shenpi fatigue, urine clear long or oliguria. Chest Zhongwan puffiness, loss of appetite, slow pulse white fur, urine protein, increased or defective tube.

Therapeutic side:

1. Crucian carp 1, weighing about 250 grams, abdominal viscera to the wash, into large minced garlic 10 grams, outsourcing clean and white, water soaked, cooked inside into Bran. Fresh whole fish, garlic, conditional and a daily one. Applicable to chronic nephritis and malnutrition edema.

2. Glutinous rice, 30 grams each Gorgon Fruit, ginkgo 10 (shell), porridge. Served 1 day, 10 for a course of treatment. This porridge has the spleen kidney, Guse Lianzhi fine effect.

3. Swine kidney 1, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Gorgon fruit of 20 grams. Cut open the pig kidneys to wash fascia, with a total of soup consumption of drugs. This shall only apply to recovering from chronic nephritis and patients with spleen Qi deficiency.

4. Green head a male duck, rice amount, light blue 3 stems. Will be cut into smaller green head duck cooked extremely bad, and then Garmisch, light blue porridge, or porridge with duck soup, hot food, 5 ~ 7 day a course of treatment. This side has a replenishing spleen, Lee swelling effect of water. Applies to all patients with edema.

5. Rice 50 to 100 grams, 5 grams of Phytolacca. Phytolacca Jianzhi first water to residue, then add rice porridge. 1 times daily or every other day. For edema and chronic nephritis, cirrhosis with ascites.

6. Fresh beans or water, dry beans 250 grams, 500 grams of lean beef, salt a little. Beef cuts with the beans, salt, with an earthen pot placed within a simmer Dunshu bad that can be eaten two times a day with the amount of food.

7. Hyacinth skin, melon skins, watermelon rind of 30 grams, jujube 10 grams, the same pot, add water release of about 400 ml, about 150 ml Jianzhi to slag Serve. Yin Tang, daily 1 to subside until the swelling.

8. Live carp 1 ~ 2, rice 50 grams, the wick to spend 5 to 8. The amount of added water on the three flavor, boiled gruel consumption. 1 day for chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis.

9. Fresh Chine 200 grams, 200 grams of rice. Chine first wash, add appropriate amount of water, boiling for half an hour to the dregs fishing, combined with panning of rice and continue to Zhu Chengyu.

Sub-ton a day eating.

10. Fresh goat's milk every morning, fasting serving 250 to 500 ml, even for 1 month.

11. With clothing peanuts, red dates each 60 grams, slow fire boiling soup. Eat peanuts, red dates, Yin Tang, continuous take.

12. 30 grams of mulberry, raw plantago-jen 20 grams raisins 20 grams, the same amount of rice porridge, sub-2 second take.

13. Peanuts 120 grams, 250 grams of beans, into the casserole with the three bowls of water inside the micro-Simmer until the water was brown-red, plus amount of brown sugar take. 2 times a day for service.

14. Wax gourd 500 grams, 250 grams of carp, plus adequate water, consommé, Yin Tang, eating melon, fish. 2 times a day for service.

Chronic nephritis three health porridge:

Longan Porridge

【Materials】 longans 60 grams, 100 grams of rice, brown sugar a little.

【Production】 ① Astragalus sliced rice panning clean. ② astragalus into the pot, add appropriate amount of water used in the fire, after boiling, to take concoction residue.

③ put rice pot, add concoction, water amount, the use of force after the fire mixed, switch to slow fire into rotten cook until rice porridge.

【Usage】 2 times a day, sooner or later each one time.

【Effect】 apply to the elderly edema, chronic nephritis, physical weak persons, but those who Jifu red tongue.

Jujube Ginger Porridge

【Material】 Fresh ginger 12 grams, jujube 6, 90 grams of japonica rice.

Production】 【Wash chopped ginger with jujube, rice porridge.

【Usage】 two times a day and do take early dinner can be taken year round.

【Effect】 selected in the light floating species were looking chlorosis.

Black sesame Poria Porridge

【Material】: black sesame seeds 6 g, Poria 20 grams, 60 grams of japonica rice.

【Production】 Poria chopped Jiantang into pot, then add black sesame rice porridge Serve.

【Usage】 two times a day, early dinner taking, and even served 15 days.

【Effect】 Mi wilt the spirit of those who applied.

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