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Cirrhosis of the liver and sepsis

Updated: Thursday, Mar 18,2010, 4:03:13 PM
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The researchers evaluated the prognosis of cirrhosis of the inpatients sepsis, sepsis-related mortality, the impact of respiratory failure. They used the U.S. National hospital discharge survey (1995 to 1999) data. During this period, the United States a total of 175 million patients discharged from hospital, of which 1% of patients diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

The results showed that in patients with cirrhosis died during hospitalization due to sepsis, hospitalization due to sepsis significantly increased the possibility of death.

The researchers noted that liver cirrhosis and acute respiratory failure due to acute respiratory failure associated with an increased risk of death.

Dr. Foreman concluded a study that the cirrhosis of the liver and sepsis, acute respiratory failure, sepsis-related death, acute respiratory failure related to increased risk of death is closely related to.

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