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Appendicitis may also lead to infertility

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 06,2016, 3:45:37 PM
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Appendicitis is a disease that we often encounter in life, mainly divided into two kinds of acute and chronic, but there are many female friends may not understand, appendicitis will lead to the occurrence of female infertility. This fact is also an expert to tell us, friends can look at the following on the appendicitis led to the introduction of infertility.

Gynecological inflammation can cause infertility, we are easy to understand. In fact, it may have the same effect on the outside of the abdominal cavity.

To nurture life, in addition to the normal ovulation, there are several very important factors, including: tubal normal morphology, good activity, can well capture the egg; fallopian tube to ensure patency, the fertilized egg can pass; endometrium, can make the fertilized egg implantation, growth.

In fact, the female genital organs are not independent, isolated organs, in the pelvis and it is adjacent to many other organs, such as the digestive and urinary organs, in addition to the greater retinal and peritoneal. Any organ in the pelvic cavity inflammation, may cause the peritoneal congestion, edema, causing peritonitis, causing pelvic adhesions, resulting in the pelvic cavity of the fallopian tube.

If there is an abscess in the pelvic cavity, may oppression of the fallopian tube, resulting in changes in the shape of the fallopian tube. In addition, if the pelvic cavity to generate sticky, will make the fallopian tube activity is limited, unable to complete its normal physiological function. The appendix, as we all know, is located close to the right fallopian tube. If appendicitis is very serious, can form an abscess of appendix perforation, directly spread to the adjacent fallopian tube, or through the development of peritonitis, involving bilateral fallopian tubes, affecting its function, resulting in infertility.

Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, TB can be spread by the blood circulation to the body, including the reproductive organs. It can cause abdominal tuberculosis in the abdominal cavity, the fallopian tube stiff change; if the invasion and endometrium, can cause endometrial damage in different degree, the final appearance of the scar tissue can cause adhesions, the uterine cavity deformation and reduction of fertilized eggs cannot implantation, leading to infertility. Therefore, and systemic infection must be a thorough treatment of intra-abdominal infections, fear of affecting the reproductive system, cause infertility.

Experts pointed out: in life when we have appendicitis this disease, often without timely treatment, or to treat it as other diseases, which also led to the condition of delay, but also let the aggravation of the disease leads to infertility of female friends.

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