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Tuberculosis treatment and recuperation should be combined

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 01,2009, 5:12:13 PM
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Clinical acupuncture or plum blossom needle may also tie in with therapy, can increase the body's immune function, accelerate metabolism, thereby increasing the body's resistance to diseases, and thus better supporting effect. Acupuncture optional Dazhui, lung Shu, Gao Huang, Xin Shu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, 2 times per week, 3 months for a course of treatment. Plum blossom needle therapy, the main election on the back next to the back spine Acupoint Tapping to 80-100 times to local ruddy suitable. Can improve many symptoms such as cough, night sweats, hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia and so on.

Of resistance, in the Chinese and Western medical treatment should also be emphasis on health prevention:

Often suck fresh air. Daily morning and evening window ventilation to keep indoor air fresh and often went to the woods or a park outdoor activities, multi-absorption of fresh air.

Prevention of emotional distress. Traditional Chinese Medicine worries sadness that the lungs, must remain optimistic, open-minded and avoid worries sadness, but not to health Xian Qi.

Should pay attention to diet. Three meals a day, high-protein, multi-vitamins. Such as fish, eggs, lean meat, soy, spinach, rape, cabbage, radishes, edible fungus, mushroom, pear, loquat, orange and so on.

Get adequate sleep, living the law. Smoking Jijiu, Zaoshuizaoqi noon nap habits develop.

The appropriate physical therapy. Practicing tai chi, qigong, gymnastics, or a walk twice a day, every 1 hour.

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