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The cause of osteoarthritis

Updated: Tuesday, Feb 09,2010, 2:56:13 PM
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1, obese body weight increase and the incidence of knee osteoarthritis is proportional to. Obesity is also a factor in exacerbations. Obese weight loss can reduce the incidence of knee osteoarthritis.

2, when the subchondral trabecular bone mineral density thinning, variable stiffness, its tolerance of pressure on reducing, therefore, in osteoporosis, osteoarthritis who appears to increase the chances.

3, trauma and force the joints to withstand abnormal state, such as resection of part of patellar instability, when the joint to withstand muscle imbalances and to add partial pressure, cartilage degeneration occurs. Normal joints and activities and even after strenuous exercise is not likely to osteoarthritis.

4, genetic factors, the joint involvement of different races is different, such as hip joints, carpometacarpal joint osteoarthritis more common in Caucasians, but rare in people of color and gender, which also affects the disease is more prevalent among women, see. Data indicate that the table with Heberden nodules in women whose mothers and sisters, the incidence of osteoarthritis than non-family members of the disease 2-3 times higher.

The joint pain of this disease has the following characteristics: multi-appears in the weight-bearing joints such as knee, hip, etc.; joint pain and activities related to pain at rest after the mitigation; in the joint still a long time after the event, local rigid sense of a brief duration no more than 30 minutes after the event disappeared; serious condition even when you have joint pain at rest and activity is limited; involved joints are often accompanied by tenderness, bone hypertrophy, bone fricative, a small number of patients have a deformity.

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