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Atrophic gastritis health care

Updated: Monday, Jan 18,2010, 5:03:57 PM
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Atrophic gastritis is a common chronic stomach problems, the main pathological changes in different degrees of gastric gland atrophy, or replaced by intestinal epithelium, known as intestinal metaplasia. Atrophic gastritis severity of symptoms varies, but most protracted course of time, very annoying. In addition to the appropriate medical treatment, life care can not be ignored.

1. Food should soft easy to digest: oil-fried and greasy foods do not digest too much, increasing the burden on the stomach; salty, smoked, spicy sauce too heavy and may be caused by gastritis reasons. Rough food is not affordable.

2. Chewing food thoroughly, so that food in the mouth of the "mechanical process" and some "chemical process" was carried out fully. Teeth loose, falling incomplete shall promptly repair, this would greatly reduce the burden on the stomach.

3. Smoking, alcohol: Long-term heavy drinking Shang Wei, known to all, but people will disagree on smoking Shang Wei. Little do they know there are a variety of chemical components of tobacco can be poisoned by gastric mucosa, and even cause ulcers.

4. Treatment of latent lesions cleared: gingivitis, alveolar overflow pus, chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis and sinusitis and other lesions in bacteria, toxins, or secretions, you can often down the river, causing gastritis. But to be clear, the treatment of gastritis can receive unexpected results.

Five. Medication should be appropriate: according to their own illness, under the guidance of doctors use 1-2 kinds of drugs, taking a longer period. Medication can not be the high side, partial excesses, even if the treatment of stomach in Chinese medicine, Western medicine, the stomach has a different degree of influence, in serious cases can cause gastritis or stomach bleeding. There is also a more common mistake, that since it is inflammation, and on his own to buy a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs (mostly antibiotics), does not know that this gastritis, inflammation of the non-ordinary, non-abuse of anti-inflammatory drugs; even cure of Helicobacter pylori, but also in the under the guidance of regular use of a doctor. Should not rely on media propaganda, and "bio-for-stomach", "boxes of Paul good" ... ... like lies. In the medication, but also attention to possible adverse drug reactions, regular monitoring of liver function, renal function and routine blood test.

Six. To keep the mood upbeat by nature: the gastrointestinal tract has a very rich in nerve distribution, and its total second only to the brain and spine, mental or emotional or influence through their digestive tract (including stomach) movement, or interfere with the secretion of digestive gland, resulting in gastritis symptoms get worse. To strengthen the physical exercise, and strive to patterns of life.

Seven. Regular review: endoscopic although mild discomfort, but it is now recognized as the most reliable screening method. According to the doctor's advice, regular review, not to reject the "runs the risk." Once the heavy loss of appetite, weight loss, melena, jaundice, vomiting blood, no pain ever ... ... all alarm symptoms should promptly see a doctor because of illness there may be drastic changes at this time.

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