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Alert tuberculosis in children

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 02,2009, 11:33:06 AM
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Childhood tuberculosis disease because the TB bacilli, the Department of Mycobacterium genus. The vast majority of children with tuberculosis in China caused by TB bacilli from human-type, cattle genotype occasionally. With the extensive application of anti-TB drugs, drug-resistant strains of TB there is a growing trend, it should be attention.

Of tuberculosis in children and adults are similar to tuberculosis, but also to the main pulmonary infection, accounting for more than 95% of childhood tuberculosis, intestinal tuberculosis, and other parts of the TB accounts for about 5%. Of the child's body is highly sensitive to the TB, while TB invade the body of children, may cause a more intense reaction, therefore, children's tuberculosis, but also with adults, there are many differences between tuberculosis.

How to guard against a child contracted tuberculosis

Of tuberculosis in children, generally speaking, the vast I died a few can be self-healing. However, a small number of infants and young children infected with M. tuberculosis after the condition deteriorated, developed into a kit tablets tuberculosis or tuberculosis meningitis. While others inside and outside the formation of V lesions in the lungs until adolescence or when the incidence of lower body resistance. If you can promptly discover the child got tuberculosis, and conduct regular treatment, not only can prevent disease progression, but also to avoid leaving the seeds in the child's body.

Under what circumstances, should alert the child got tuberculosis do?

1, family member or close contact with relatives, neighbors, suffering from tuberculosis, especially lactating mothers suffering from open pulmonary tuberculosis, it shall as soon as possible to a specialist hospital for an examination the child zone.

2. Most of the symptoms of childhood tuberculosis is not typical, but as long as careful observation, is not no rules to follow. It is reported that: Children suffering from TB, 40% of cough. Shortness of breath. Hoarseness and other respiratory symptoms; a 30% -60% in the incidence of Lu period is high fever, or irregular low heat; a 12% indigestion occurs. Loss of appetite; around 10% of the children are crying easily, lack of energy, poor sleep and other symptoms. Therefore, if the child for more than a week the above-mentioned symptoms, they should think of the possibility of suffering from tuberculosis.

3, children suffering from tuberculosis, most of them associated with lymphadenopathy, especially in the neck lymph nodes were more common. If the child has the above symptoms, while in the neck, submandibular, axillary, etc. touched isolated or suffering from bead-like swelling of the lymph nodes, then the more likely suffering from tuberculosis should be immediately to the specialist hospital for examination and treatment.

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