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Subluxation of Capitulum Radii in Children

Updated: Tuesday, Jun 09,2009, 12:10:21 PM
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After the problem happens to him or her, the child will cry continuously and become restless. The affected arm dare not move, but rest beside the body, and the forearm is in a pronation position.
The patient has a history of getting his forearm pulled excessively.
There is local pain and tenderness, but no obvious swelling.
The head and the annular ligament of the radius in children are still under growth,  excessively pulling children's forearms will easily cause the head of radius to slip out from its annular ligament, leading to its semi-dislocation. This disease often occurs when children play games arm-in-arm, and when their parents dress them, or lead them to walk, pulling their forearms with too much force.
It differs from the general dislocation of joints. It is only the smaller head of the radius that dislocates from its normal position, and no fissure of joint capsules occurs.The problem is often seen in children under six years old.

The principle of tuina therapy is mainly regulating muscles and tendons and getting reposition of the affected part. Hold the elbow of the affected side with one hand and the thumb pressing on the head of the radius, hold the wrist of the affected side with the other hand, overextend the forearm slightly, then rotate it backwards (rotating forwards is needed in some patients), and finally flex the elbow joint of the affected side, reposition will be achieved. After reposition, hang up the affected side with a triangular bandage to benefit the restoration of the affected arm. Usually, be careful not to pull children's upper limbs forcefully

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