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Qi phase syndrome

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 01,2009, 2:44:29 PM
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Qi phase syndrome refers to internal sthenia-heat syndrome due to febrile pathogenic factors penetrating inside and attacking the viscera, marked by superabundance of healthy qi and sthenia of pathogenic factors. The manifestations of this syndrome are different due to different location of pathogenic febrile factors in invading the viscera.

Analysis of the symptoms: Fever, aversion not to cold but to heat, vexation, thirst and reddish tongue with yellowish tongue fur are caused by internal exuberance of heat and severe struggle between pathogenic factors and healthy qi; cough, chest pain and expectoration of yellowish thick sputum are caused by accumulation of pathogenic heat in the lung and dysfunction of the lung in depuration and descending; vexation and heartburn are due to dysphoria resulting from disturbance of diaphragm by heat; high fever, profuse sweating and serious thirst are due to superabundance of gastric heat and steaming of internal heat; hectic fever, abdominal fullness, distension and pain as well as constipation are due to retention of heat in the intestines and stagnation of intestinal qi; alternate chills and fever like malaria, pain in the rib-side and bitter taste in the mouth are due to retention of pathogenic factors in the gallbladder.

Clinical manifestations: Fever, aversion not to cold but to heat, vexation and thirst, sweating, reddish urine, reddish tongue, yellowish tongue fur and rapid pulse, or accompanied by cough, chest pain, expectoration of yellowish thick sputum; or accompanied by vexation, heartburn and restlessness; or high fever, profuse sweating, polydipsia and preference for cold drinks as well as full and large pulse; or afternoon tidal fever, unpressable abdominal hardness and pain, constipation or watery diarrhea, yellowish dry tongue fur, or even dry blackish tongue fur with prickles, deep and sthenia pulse; or alternate chills and fever like malaria, pain in the rib-side and bitter taste in the mouth, vexation and retching as well as taut and rapid pulse.

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