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Foods and drink for nourishing stomach

Updated: Thursday, Jul 02,2009, 5:36:01 PM
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Actions: stomach disease and duodenal ulcer. During treatment, one should not eat hot, onion, garlic, wine and such as this stimulating foods.

Methods: wash potatoes, smash it in smash machine, put the smashed potatoes into absorbent gauze and squeeze its juice out, cooking it with high fire then turn into low fire. After it sticky and dense, you could put same honey in and cook with lip lipstick, tea it when it cold.

Ingredients: 100 grams fresh potatoes, sufficient quantum of honey.

Usage: take it when on an empty stomach, two times a day, a spoon per time, twenty days as a treatment.

In addition, person whose stomach and intestine function is not good should not eat foods as following:

1. Don't eat it too much at one time,
2. Don't eat cold foods such as ice cream, iced beer or beverages.
3. Don't eat some food that is hard digest, so as to aggravate stomach’s burden, such as Chinese chive, some person has adverse effect with green pepper and corn.
4. Some foods that easy suffer from excessive internal heat oleaginous such as sea food and mutton one should eat less.
5. Don't drink alcoholic beverages and smoke.
6. Don't eat hot food such as hot pepper, garlic.

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