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Children and adult diabetes

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 2:12:59 PM
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Childhood diabetes and adult type of diabetes, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, treatment, etc. all have large differences between the two can not be equated.

Adult-onset diabetes was mainly due to relatively insufficient insulin secretion (that is, patients with pancreatic islets secrete insulin but it can meet the needs of patients) caused. It is more than the slow onset, and mild diabetes mellitus patients with multiple no obvious symptoms or only the typical symptoms of diabetes in the 1-2 items. Also some people with diabetes, skin infections such as boils or skin itching symptoms such as swollen as the first symptom. Through regular health checks are often able to detect early diabetes. Adult-onset diabetes there is a certain degree of islet β-cell function and role, so it's treated more emphasis on diet therapy and exercise therapy role. Both of these methods must be valid with appropriate oral hypoglycemic drug therapy; when the above-mentioned three kinds of treatment for the treatment of diabetes are still not achieve control standards only consider the use of insulin therapy.

Diabetes mellitus in children is far from being the same. Its incidence is due to islet β cells are damaged, so that children with reduced insulin secretion caused. When more than 90% of the islet β-cells are damaged when the clinical symptoms of diabetes will appear. It is generally a faster onset, diabetes symptoms often appear suddenly. Because of rapid onset, parents are often able to recall the specific time the symptoms started. Children more than the more typical symptoms of diabetes. Once the disease is almost 100% of cases will appear polydipsia and polyuria, and result in an increase in nocturia and night-time thirst love drinking phenomenon. Eat is also more common in children with symptoms of increasing levels of appetite can be varied, and some slight increase over the previous, and some kids appetite and even doubled. But some children can eat the lack of symptoms, mainly for weight loss and fatigue. Childhood diabetes, mostly type I diabetes, pancreatic β-cell damage when the disease has been more serious, therefore, must begin as soon after diagnosis of insulin therapy to sustain life. Insulin treatment is a fundamental measure treatment of diabetes mellitus in children, but also for a lifetime. At the same time the adjuvant treatment of diabetes mellitus in children include diet therapy, exercise therapy and spiritual psychotherapy three areas. It is worth emphasizing that the treatment of diabetes mellitus in children is comprehensive, the above-mentioned four kinds of complementary therapies, can often be more satisfactory results.

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