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Why Do People Have Menopause?

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 09,2013, 2:35:29 PM
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1. There is no mature follicle in ovary is the direct reason of menopause.

Ovary is the gonad for women. The main functions of it are the ovulation, excretion of estrogen and the maintenance of menstrual circle, reproductive capacity and female sexuality. The undeveloped follicle in ovary is called the primordial follicles. There are more than 100 thousands primordial follicles in female babies’ ovary. There are only about 400-500 mature follicles in people’s life and others will degenerate by themselves. For women at the age of 50, there is no mature follicle left in ovary. What’s more, though there are mature follicles left, their sensitive to pituitrin has reduced obviously. So the menopause will be caused due to insufficient estrogen and progestin.


2. The amount of primordial follicles in women’s ovary is controlled by the genetic gene.

The primordial follicles are decided by the genetic gene and have certain family difference. So women have menopause at different ages. The developing degree of primordial follicles are decided by the acquired environmental factors, such as the age of menarche, marital status, nutrition, pregnancy and bearing, breast-feeding, acyeterion, smoking, exercises, profession, constitution, climate, altitude, race and economical status. The age of menopause is decided by the genetic gene. And the latter is decided by the natural selection in evolutionary process. The selected biological characteristics can increase the amount of these genes. However, menopause may reduce the amount of babies. Why can this kind of gene be preserved? The exhausting and asthenia of primordial follicles are the direct reason of menopause. Why do the primordial follicles exhaust at the age of 40 according to the natural selection? Why does the menopause occur at a later age?If yes, women can have more generations. In fact, the exhausting of primordial follicles is the direct reason but not the final reason for menopause. The reason of evolutionary history is the final reason for menopause occurring at the age about 50.


3. Menopause is a kind of result of life-time dilation.

In the more than 700 thousands of years of evolutionary history, either the male or female can live for more than 40 years. So, the gene will arrange the end of bearing after the age of 40 (control the amount of primordial follicles). The life is extending only in recent tens of years. Any appropriate characteristic can be evolved for human if there is enough time (eg. Ten thousand years). The evolved result is the extending of life but not the accelerating of aging. But the aging of genitals has prolonged women’s life. And there will be a balance between the life cultivation and rising up for the natural selection. In the laggard social environment, the life will be shortened for excessive giving birth. So the control of bearing can prolong the life. In modern times, women’s life has prolonged because of one time of delivery. However, they should suffer from the symptoms of menopause instead.


4. Menopause has reduced the risk of bearing for the women at the advanced age.

Even in the 20 century of rich west society, the mortality due to giving birth for women above the age of 40 is seven times of women have a 20 years old child. In addition, the survival rate of babies from the women at the advanced age is much lower. The older the women are, the more children they have. The more time they spend on taking care of children, the more risk of giving birth. The elderly parturient women have less income and bigger risk. So they should have fewer children if they wish the child be healthy.

5. The menopause is beneficial for the maximizing of the number of women’s children.

The elderly women have higher risk of pregnancy. The survival rate of their children is much lower. In contrary, their young children are at the best age for giving birth. The higher the survival rate is for their children. The elderly women can help their young children to take care of babies instead of giving birth with big risk. It is beneficial for the multiplying of race.


Women can spend most of their time (7 hours per day) on collecting food while the girls and newly-married women can only spend only about three hours. In addition, the harvest of work is increasing as the increasing of age and practical experience. Women in menopause don’t have the underage children to take care. They can give their food to their grandsons and granddaughters. Weather the menopause is beneficial for keeping reproductive capacity or not, we can get clear of it if we list the profit and loss statement of both sides.


6. Women in menopause are essential for the survival and multiplying for primitive tribe.

Most modern people get information via the ways of books, television or newspapers. In the primitive tribe, a few old-aged people are considered as the resource of information and practical experience due to lack of words. It is because that the old people have a clear understanding of natural disaster. And they are usually the women in menopause as there is seldom men survival at this age.


7. Why does the menopause advance for the modern women?

At present, many people have the climacteric syndrome at the age of about 35. It is called the recessive menopause. There may be several reasons for it: first, the age of menarche has advanced to the average age of 12.5 while it is the age of 19 in primitive tribe; second, the bearing has reduced due to the anovulation in the period of pregnancy and breast-feeding; third, the primordial follicles’ sensitivity to pituitrin has reduced, the amount of shutting follicle has increase and the amount of mature follicle has reduced. These are because of strain due to quickening living space, deficiency of vitamin and trace elements, obesity and the chronic diseases. So the age of menopause has advanced.


8. Women should take the health care for menopause in advance to delay the age of menopause.

It is beneficial for improving the living quality for women in menopause. Though the primordial follicles are controlled by the genetic gene, the mature follicle is decided by the environmental factors. So, people can delay the age of menopause by improving the environmental factors, such as strengthening exercises, improving nutrition, improving marital quality, keeping mental balance, avoid smoking, improving professional condition, strengthening constitution and reducing weight. It should be taken at the age of about 30. Meanwhile, people should exam the estrogen level every year to get the basic level and consider it as the reference value. People can take the hormone replacement treatment under the guidance of it. People should insist on the principle of “less nourishment for good constitution and more for weak constitution” to keep the estrogen at the normal level and increase the effectiveness and safety of HRT.

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