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care and prevention of prostate disease

Updated: Friday, Feb 26,2010, 2:23:07 PM
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1. Multi-tea water, a famous German professor of urology expert Bobby pointed out that the drink 2-2.5 liters of tea a day to wash the prostate bacteria.

2. the right day, warm bath, Professor Wu Jieping, vice chairman of National People's Congress had specifically recommended this method.

3. more physical exercise to improve resistance to diseases, eat good prostate meat (pigs, cattle, rabbits and grass carp, crucian carp and other meat), beans, cereals and all kinds of vegetables, fruits and so on.

Warning: The following factors will affect the treatment effect, would like to ask attention to.

① During medication is strictly prohibited tobacco, alcohol, Xin, spicy foods such as irritation.

② to prevent colds.

③ avoid the mental, physical fatigue.

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