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Testicular abnormalities, it is necessary to check

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 17,2009, 6:02:14 PM
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Testes are male specific organs, the male plays a vital role in the growth and development. Testicular volume and age relations of children before the age of 12, testicular growth is relatively slow, and the general size of only about 1-4 ml. After puberty testicular volume will rapidly increase, 18-year-old testicular volume can be achieved when the normal adult level of about 16-25 ml. If there was markedly abnormal testicular volume, may indicate the child there are some diseases.

One is a small testicles, that is, to a 14-year-old after the boy's testicles are still the same size as the child, while the male secondary sexual characteristics is not obvious. Among the reasons for congenital and acquired distinction. Common congenital reasons, such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, is due to a large number of synthesis within the adrenal androgens, so that patients showed precocious puberty, ie before the age of 10 appeared secondary sexual characteristics, but due to a large number of secretion of adrenal testosterone inhibits pituitary secretion of gonadotropin synthesis and secretion, thereby inhibiting testicular development, so a small testicular volume. The clinical treatment of this disease more difficult. If you do not receive timely treatment of congenital cryptorchidism, testicular atrophy may occur.

Acquired causes testicular atrophy caused by more, such as trauma, surgical damage, testicular inflammation, severe varicocele, large doses of radiation radiation, anticancer drugs, environmental pollution, a variety of endocrine diseases are caused by testicular atrophy. However, these acquired factors, are generally caused by testicular atrophy can be treated.

In contrast with small testes, some children's testicles particularly large, often more than 25 milliliters. This is first of all to exclude the common pseudo-testes increases, such as hydrocele, inguinal hernia and so on. Really big testicles, the most common for testicular inflammation, often accompanied by pain, swelling and other inflammatory thermal performance, in which concurrent mumps orchitis is most common, may cause inflammation subsided after the loss of spermatogenic testicular function, it must stay in bed . As the reasons for the increased testicular more complex and should therefore be as soon as possible to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Finally, point out that the boys have already late testicular development time, and sometimes can vary a good teens. Some 11-year-old began to develop, some into the testes of 16-year-old began to develop, it is completely normal, there is no need to worry about, but as late as 18 years of age have not yet developed, in relation to the hospital for a detailed inspection.

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