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Prevention of penile cancer

Updated: Tuesday, Jan 05,2010, 3:13:15 PM
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Balanitis refers to the foreskin, glans inflammation occurs, causing inflammation of the reasons why different age, for example, infants and young children more than balanoposthitis the gas-tight because of the diaper package, or caused by fecal contamination, mainly urine, fecal bacteria release, coupled with high temperature, hot and humid and the vast majority of infants the foreskin is too long, bacteria, urine, smegma, the foreskin is too long under the action of these three makes the foreskin glans produces redness, swelling, heat pain. In addition to the adult part of the foreskin balanitis with phimosis related, the unclean sexual intercourse, exposure to certain chemical substances and trauma are also important factors. In short, smegma, urine stimulus, certain chemical substances, clothing, contact and friction and trauma constitute balanoposthitis important factor.

Balanitis can be roughly divided into traumatic, contact, drug-induced and infection of four major categories, in terms of the trauma, mostly because of injury reach, zipper clip that injured during intercourse, the foreskin may be quite this time redness, pain, if it is due to parasite infection penis and scratches, it will merge the feeling of itching, inflammation of the foreskin contact was mainly occurred in the use of topical antiseptic or ointment classes of drugs caused.

Drug Balanitis caused by there are often itching, burning sensation, and the site of infection not lead to infection balanoposthitis such a big area, but was a single or a small piece of a very superficial abrasions similar, and the boundaries clear The most important thing is to have first taken some kind of drug, the most common cause of this inflammation is tetracycline.

Infection Balanitis is the most common Balanitis caused the original disease-causing type of infection of bacteria, fungi, or parasites, mold is most commonly caused by Candida albicans, in addition there is redness and swelling outside the foreskin or glans, and sometimes can be seen to small and not rules, was rotten to the core-type surface, and small white spots covering the glans, while Trichomonas vaginalis (worms) caused by the foreskin balanitis is usually presented ulcer-like, and there is a erosive balanitis due to bacterial infection, Good Fat in phimosis patients, usually foul-smelling discharge, glans surface showed many small round and the superficial nature of the erosion.

Syphilis also can cause balanitis, but usually only after the formation of the chancre appears on the glans penis and the glans penis white surface of the integration will show edema, it is with the general infection balanoposthitis, the entire glans swelling present, there is the smell and secretion of things are not the same, if suspected to be caused by Treponema pallidum, can be used for blood tests check for you and syphilis sero-agglutination test for syphilis or a general difference is that bacteria or other infectious balanitis.

Balanoposthitis from the above types of view, there is a real relationship with the prepuce than infectious balanoposthitis, while it is this form of inflammation of the infants and children is addressed in the most common in young people. Because Taiwan's male baby at birth the majority of parents are not OK for their baby son, male circumcision, but also the domestic infant prepuce and phimosis majority of the problem, and also because infants and young children to pack diapers, together with bacteria, smegma and urine interaction, often makes the foreskin become red and swollen, worse, when the whole length of the penis, like a small sausage, and there is a yellow discharge flow, and open the glans when the foreskin is red, swollen This is typical of acute balanitis. Infant and child will also be frequent urination, crying incessantly, larger children grasp what a small cocks from time to time, has been to the toilet, or because the foreskin is swollen but not uric long period of time, between the foreskin and the glans produces sticky, foreskin the long-term swelling, children will be miserable, in order to take account of local health and future development, experience of these repeated inflammation of the foreskin is too long or phimosis, it was suggested line of circumcision, in order to facilitate partial clean and harmless to the future to maintain development.

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