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Male hair loss should first review the shampoo method

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 12,2014, 8:45:38 PM
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Hair lose

Hair losemen must feel very distressed, hairless head, loses face. Today we come to exchange how to use the effective way of shampoo and conditioner to improve this trouble.

Hair loss treatment Small recipe

First, Grapefruit nuclear hair loss treatment: If your hair is yellow, loss oralopecia areata. You can use 25 grams grapefruit nuclear, immersed them with the boiling water for 24 hours,then wipe your hair and scalp with this juice 2~3 times daily. This can speed up hair growth.

Second,ginger hair loss treatment:Slice ginger, repeatedly wipe the hair root where is yellow or losing hair and the place where is alopecia areata. 2~3 times every day, which can stimulate hair growth.

Fresh oil control, nourish and repair hair: It's like oily skin care, clean and oil control first, and then moisturizingand repair. In fact, Oily scalp is very fragile. No deep care, just remove the oil is not really improve the hair quality.

Too much oil on the scalp causing hair loss, the first concern must be clean. Most people shampoo 2-3 times per week, but "oil leather crowd," must wash hair every day, and must use fresh, oil control shampoo type.

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