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Harm to human acute prostatitis

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 07,2011, 3:47:16 PM
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Because prostatitis is a very serious Nankejibing, many male friends for prostate shun terms, but due to various factors, the incidence of prostatitis is still rising in recent years. So what are people with acute prostatitis injuries? Let's take a look.

First, the spermatic cord lymph nodes have the feeling of pain: the prostate and the spermatic cord in the pelvic lymph in the traffic branch, acute inflammation of the prostate affected spermatic cord, resulting in the spermatic cord and lymph nodes associated with pain.

Second, acute epididymitis and vas deferens Seminal or inflammation: acute inflammation of the prostate is very easy to spread to the seminal vesicle, causing acute Seminal. At the same time the bacteria will retrograde into the vas deferens through the lymphatic vessels of the parietal and the outer sheath caused by epididymitis.

Third, acute urinary retention: acute prostatitis can cause local congestion, swelling, urethral pressure, resulting in difficulty urinating, or a cause of acute urinary retention.

Fourth, sexual dysfunction: the time in acute inflammation, prostate congestion, edema, or a small abscess formation, there will be painful ejaculation, loss of libido, painful erection, impotence, painful intercourse, blood, sperm, etc.

Fifth, acute prostatitis, when there will be a serious groin pain involved, but also in patients with severe renal colic.

Through the above description, I believe we understand the hazards for the prostate, right, shows the dangers of acute prostatitis such Nankejibing is quite large, so a friend once found such Nankejibing patients must be treated to prevent prostate other Nankejibing induce inflammation, cause more harm to patients.

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