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Four factors may cause inflammation of the glans penis wrapping

Updated: Wednesday, Aug 06,2014, 10:06:40 PM
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Wrapping glans is phlogistic it is the male common a kind of disease, is a kind of inflammation, in the prepuce or phimosis, bacterial substance accumulation of smegma foreskin can cause wrapping glans phlogistic stimulation.

Wrapping glans is phlogistic cause many symptoms, so men should be kept clean and maintain local cleanness, avoid the stimulation. The prepuce circumcision, can be in the control of inflammation after resection.

1, non infectious factors include local trauma, friction, contraceptives, soaps and detergents and other stimuli, local showed edematous erythema, erosion, exudation and hemorrhage, if the secondary bacterial infection can fester and form ulcer. In patients with obvious pain, action inconvenience. Clinical called acute superficial balanitis.

2, infection of Candida albicans is an opportunistic fungal pathogen, so the candidal balanitis often secondary to diabetes, after the disease as well as a large number of antibiotics or hormone therapy in elderly patients is also available for consumption, primary, the spouse of candidal vaginitis came, glans and coronal shape channel can have light red erosion and thin-walled pustules, but local often can not find local allergic reaction caused by Candida albicans, Candida may be caused by.

3, Entamoeba infection patients first wrapping glans phlogistic lesions, local loss of barrier function of normal, then by intestinal amebiasis infection caused by. Local erosion, ulcer, necrosis was evident, secretion directly smear can find amoebae.

4, trichomonas infection due to mate with vaginal trichomoniasis is infectious. The symptom is lighter, main performance for the glans ministry, small blister, erythema papula. The realm of clear, gradually expanding the scope, the patient often feels itching. Trichomonad can be found in secretion.

In addition, there are some glans phlogistic pathogeny is not clear, but the foreskin is too long, wrapping dirty stimulates many associated with balanitis. So men should love his penis, cleaning must be in place, timely treatment to health.

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