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fessional women, attention to these symptoms

Updated: Saturday, Aug 22,2009, 8:30:07 AM
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First:Droping eyelid, dim vision and can not see the picture or the text on the computer screen when the dusk.

Vulnerable groups: clerical staff, patients with eye diseases, low blood pressure, lack of sleep.

not appropriate degree of wear glasses or contact lenses, too much pressure, it is  big differences in brightness with the computer screen and the Office. 

Solution: With an Eye to have a sense of often to blink, tear added. In addition, should select the appropriate eye drops to prevent drying.

Second:2 to 3 days if no stool, but did not feel discomfort, it is not constipation; only if no one stool, but it does not feel this is constipation.

Reason: more women than men easy constipation. Constipation leads to rough skin, irritable, suffering hemorrhoids.


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