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attention to the prevention of breast hyperplasia

Updated: Thursday, Nov 26,2009, 5:09:31 PM
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1, psychological treatment is very important, breast hyperplasia of the human body, the psychological harm than the damage due to lack of a correct understanding of the disease, adverse psychological factors, anxiety grief over excitement, resulting in neurasthenia, will add to endocrine disorders, to promote hyperplasia of the increase, it should be lifted to different kinds of psychological manipulation. Psychological endurance to the poor people should pay attention, less angry, maintaining emotional stability, lively and cheerful mood that is conducive to proliferation of early recovery.

2, changes in diet to prevent obesity, eat less fried foods, animal fats, sweets and excessive tonic foods, to eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more whole grains. Black soy beans the best, eat walnuts, black sesame, black fungus, mushrooms.

3, life should be the law of work and rest, maintaining a harmonious sexual life. Endocrine disorders can be adjusted to maintain smooth stool will reduce breast pain.

4, more exercise to prevent obesity, improve immunity.

5, prohibition of abuse of estrogen-containing contraceptives and beauty products, do not eat chicken with estrogen-fed beef.

6, to avoid the flow of people, many breast-feeding mothers can take preventive measures.

7, self-examination and regular review.

8, a clear diagnosis, the condition of patients to develop a reasonable treatment. At present a comprehensive treatment of Chinese herbal medicine specialist, a breakthrough was made, the effect is more significant. Such as breast cysts or small length of time after treatment were about 2 weeks away. Timely and correct the endocrine hyperplasia of the breast, lumps, pain, facial nerve can be removed after treatment of acute mastitis can relieve pain.

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