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TCT examination result how, abnormal test results is not necessarily the cancer

Updated: Monday, Mar 09,2015, 9:14:43 AM
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TCT examination are one of the most advanced international cervical cytology examination technology, compared with the traditional cervical pap smears of smears obviously increase the detection rate for the specimens of satisfaction and abnormal cervical cells. Many women find TCT examination after abnormal results were very nervous and thinks he is suffering from cervical cancer. But in fact, TCT abnormal results is not necessarily a cervical cancer.

TCT examination results?

TCT examination result is not the final diagnosis

Cervical cancer has "three ladder diagnosis", cytological examination, colposcopy examination and histology, cytology is the initial inspection, abnormal cytology examination results is needed colposcope examination, if there is abnormal, so you need to pass through histologic examination to the final conclusion. Therefore, only by TCT abnormal results conclude that his suffering from cervical cancer is not scientific.

In addition, TCT has certain false negative rate, for conditional, more than 30 women, suggested joint HPV and TCT two inspection at the same time, to reduce the false negative rate.

TCT examination results

(1) : normal blade cells found no abnormal.

(2) the meaning of atypical squamous cells (ASC - US or the positive significance of atypical squamous cells) : not sure whether these cells are abnormal, the results indicate that can have two choices: 3-6 months after review; Or directly to check the HPV, if HPV negative, continue to observe, if positive, lines suggest colposcope examination cervical biopsy.

ASC (3) -h (atypical squamous cells tend to height of intraepithelial lesions) : although the positive significance, but tend to have pathological changes, this kind of situation, usually need colposcope examination and biopsy.

(4) LSIL, low-grade squamous intraepithelial neoplasia: prompt with abnormal cells, need further colposcopy examination and biopsy.

(5) HSIL (height squamous intraepithelial neoplasia) : more than LSIL into a level, the signal is not good, suggest to visit as soon as possible, colposcopy biopsy.

(6) atypical glandular cell: usually need further examination to know the bad gland comes from where, ultrasonic, hysteroscopy, curettage is needed to further clarify.

Squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma (7) : this will immediately find a doctor to see results.

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