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People who do not usually easy to suffer from Oophoroma!

Updated: Saturday, Mar 07,2009, 1:19:37 PM
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Canadian experts from the Public Health Office has found that women who exercise often are not easy to suffer from oophoroma. They were looking for 442 women who oophoroma and 442 women who are not oophoroma a time, they were also the survey on 2135 women who oophoroma and 2135 women who were not suffering from oophoroma. They compared and found that the risk to suffer from decreased oophoroma will be obvious for women who have high levels of exercise. Although the risk of suffering oophoroma reduced by 33% for women who take suitable exercise.

Research has suggested that the risk of suffering oophoroma is the same as for women after menopause is the period before the menopause period. While extreme exercise will not be able to prevent such diseases.

The experts felt that, although the indication for the end of the period oophoroma is low, then the exercise will help to change lifestyles. Some regular or suitable exercise will be important in the prevention of chronic diseases, synthesis, such as taking some regular and suitable exercise will benefit your health.

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