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Healthy Vagina Environment

Updated: Monday, Mar 08,2010, 2:46:16 PM
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Female private part of the skin and mucous membranes are very sensitive. The vulva and vagina is warm and humid, ideal for a variety of pathogenic organisms growth and reproduction. Parts of the genital secretions, is Reproduction of the hotbeds of biological pathogens. However, vaginal secretion of lactic acid will be to ensure that the vaginal mucous membrane at a relatively acidic environment of the normal vaginal PH of about 4.4, the formation of a variety of bacterial binding to each other, even those of pathogenic bacteria, Tim will not be "troublesome."

Equal treatment of the body, soap, shower bath clean private part of the most private part to use those basic taboo or too strong oxidation of detergent to clean private part, because it would undermine the acidic environment of the vagina, resulting in a private part self-cleaning function And even reduce the damage to the outside world of biotechnology will be the source of the disease will slip, causing infection.

Ordinary body wash and soap are all alkalinity, the PH value is more than 7 in the basic, they are easily to counteract with the private part of body fluids and to breakdown weak acid environment of the private part, weakening the private part of the self-cleaning function, causing damage to natural barriers, which easy led to Gynecological diseases. As to the private part, ordinary body wash means soap.

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