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Characteristics of breast eczema

Updated: Friday, Jan 08,2010, 1:53:41 PM
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Breast eczema more common in young women, especially breast-feeding women, which may be related to the baby sucking a pacifier and other physical stimuli. Bilateral lesions are mostly also for the unilateral nature. Occurred in the nipple and areola areas, in particular the lower part of the breast, and sometimes involving the skin around the nipple, and often turn into a chronic and recurrent.

Acute breast eczema, skin form occurs most often small-dense great miliary papules, cancer rash or small blisters, basal flushing, thin itch, scratch the rash easily broken after the tumor arising from seepage and erosion surface punctate, there are more serous infiltration out, may be accompanied by guitar obsession, intertrigo, scaling and so on.

Subacute to acute eczema breast eczema more protracted come. Nipple, areola and surrounding skin may appear a small papules, scaling, and masticate side to obsession, and the lesions itching and burning sensation, increased night-time symptoms.

Chronic eczema may be the breast of acute and subacute eczema, recurrent, persistent formed. Nipple and areola skin thickening, rough, cracked nipples stimulated, pigmentation, surface covered with scales, accompanied by exudate and paroxysmal itching disease.

Breast eczema, the nipple without severe erosion, nipple-free deformation, nor will it disappear due to erosion, leading to the nipple.

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