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health is achieved, and disease prevented

Updated: Saturday, Mar 28,2009, 1:42:26 PM
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This very personal and very sophisticated system of health care is impossible under the current limits of Western society, but the concept behind these ideas is a radically different approach to health and disease. Chinese culture has also been one of the first to grasp the potential in the wider field of preventive medicine. Many of these ideas have been carried out in the public health measures, which began to be introduced during the period.

The organization is a delicate balance of Yin and Yang. Yin represents water, quiet, and the substance of the night, while Yang represents fire, noise, light and day. The two are diametrically opposed and it is therefore necessary to be present to allow others to exist, for example, how can you experience joy if you do not understand the misery? The state of the organism is determined by the balance of Yin and Yang within it. Each of the organs of the body is an element of Yin and Yang, but a body in May is more Yang in its nature, while the other is more Yin. A body May be more important in its substantive form (Yin), while the other is the more important because of its functional capacity (Yang). When the health of the body is considered as a functioning system of Yin and Yang properties within are in a fluctuating balance.

The Chinese believe that health is achieved and the disease prevented by maintaining the body in a balanced state. This concept has been applied to both individuals and society in general. As the old Chinese doctors preached moderation in all things, like alcoholics and excess food intake. They also stated that daily activities should include mental and physical tasks. The rich Chinese visit their doctor when they were well, payment of fees to doctors to keep them in good health. If they became ill the doctor lost his fee.

The balance of Yin and Yang is not always accurate. Sometimes the mood of a person May be more spirited, or Yang, while other times it May be quieter and therefore more Yin. Normally, the balance changes from hour to hour and day by day, but if the balance is in constant disarray, for example, if Yin Yang always prevails, the body is unhealthy and disease results.

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