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Life Cultivation with Planting Flowers

Updated: Thursday, Jun 25,2009, 4:43:34 PM
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I live in the cottage, in front of which there is a courtyard .it is  suitable to plant flowers and grass.I set up  a small garden in the courtyard .and structure a bench with cement board and buite a flower fender in the easten base of the courtyard , placing dozens of bonsais. I also built a small flowerbed, in which I plant peony, Japan Begonia, carnation flowers and so on .Also set up a flower awning on the top of the flowerbed . The wisterias cling around the awning and form shadow which can prevent the flowers  from the sun.. There are many benefits through planting flowers. The benefits is shows as follows.

When people are old, life cultivation has been considered as a science. Some elder people are like to keep health through painting and calligraphy ; some are like to keep in good health through writing; However, I prefer planting flowers and grass to promote life cultivation. I built a garden in my own courtyard where I can work in any time and enjoy the peaceful life . Meanwhile it can make people ease of mind and a light heart. Thus for a long time ,it will be helpful to the body health.

One,joying the flower beauty and the sweet-smelling is another taste in the life. I am pleasured to see all kinds of flower buds, the blossom. The sweet smell brings a group of bees to collecte pollen. Seeing from this situation, I am deeply intoxicated.  It is helpful to raise a good mood and mould temperament in such beautiful scenery. Naturally I will own a health spirit.

Twot is a good way to promote health through planting flowers.  Since I have built the garden, I found that it is a great helpful to active the bonds and promote the blood circulation through a serial of work such as colleting flower seeds, cultivating flower seedling, warteringand fertilizing and so on. Through the above working it is beneficial for not only digestion but also appetite.

Finding a suitable way to life cultivation is very important. As to me, planting flowers and grass is my favorite.

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