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TCM Detox Weight Loss

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 11:16:53 AM
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To say that health detoxification, the role of Chinese medicine are also impressive, the key is you find suitable for their own detoxification methods. For those who face stubborn acne, constipation, a serious person, it is worth recommending.

Detox for the stomach to eat Agastache rugosa

Agastache rugosa their sexual tepid, Weixin, Rupi, stomach, lung. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Agastache rugosa contain volatile oil, oil, pepper, main ingredient methyl phenol, limonene, can promote gastric secretion, to enhance digestion, the body of toxins from the intestinal smooth discharge. "Materia Medica justice" made its "aroma and its never too heavy, wet dry Xu and not indulge in strong, able to wipe the wet haze evil, but to help stomach righteousness, wet storm Pi Yang, fatigue weakness, diet unwilling, fur muddy dirt are most Czech Republic's medicine. "

Asparagus Runfei Also Reduce Pathogenic Fire

Days winter taste joys, sexual Big Chill. Also known as aspartate, large when the door root. Dry by nature hard and brittle, soft, not dry by nature, there are sticky. It Ziyin lungs, cough Phlegm, effective help to eliminate toxins lungs, while Reduce Pathogenic Fire, helping excretion, attending tuberculosis, vomiting pus hematemesis, Tansouchuancu, diabetes, sore throat, tonsillitis, with a single step heat pain, Consumption From Gu Zheng, Yin there is a fire of disease. Jiantang, the dosage is generally from 6 to 15 grams.

Angelica Jiantang Qing gastrointestinal

Angelica Sweet, Sim, warm in nature, can relax bowel, intestinal blood deficiency dry for constipation, stomach after eating can enhance the absorption function, promote metabolism, which will help the body of waste discharges. Run the same time, the quality of their sweet warm for the blood circulation, blood and medicine, the body can maintain normal blood circulation, helping blood detoxification. Jianfu, the dosage is usually 5 to 15 grams.

Quisqualis to promote digestion

Combretaceae, warm in nature sweet, Rupi, stomach, large intestine after, a pesticide, elimination product, spleen effect. The sweet warm the temperature is moderate, can help the movement of food, but to divert intestinal Ji Zhi, and rich in fat fluid, so smooth flow of benefits can help the body of toxins from the intestinal smooth discharge. So that the gentleman's main plot treatment of children with rickets, dyspepsia, loss of appetite and so very effective, its approach is to take 30 grams of Quisqualis, peeled Sunburn Magnolia, dried tangerine peel, Chuanxiong of 0.3 grams, and research to fine and mix thoroughly, using honey modulation into a soybean-sized pills, 3 per serving children over the age of 2, 3 years of age each time a service to rice soup delivery service.

Hai-son lungs to dry

Hai-son of temperature, sweet, portal triad, Lung, Large Intestine Meridian. Pine sub-containing fatty oil (about 74%, of which oleic acid ester, linoleic acid and fat-based), protein, volatile oil, sugar, phosphorus, iron, calcium. Hai-son effect is to clear the lungs the main detoxification of toxins, can Ziyin, lungs, cough, Qufeng Tongluo, cold-dispelling dehumidification, blood Liver, Zi-yin Qian Yang, Qi tonic. Together with the walnut meat, you can warm to support lung and kidney, Runzao, cough, phlegm. 2 flavor consistency to honey complement, kidney, lungs, cough, lung and kidney deficiency of Chronic Cough Tanchuan desirable. Dosage is generally 10 grams.

Be able to eat it regularly lotus meditation

Lotus sex Sweet Shibuya-ping, a major role in heart, spleen, kidney, can raise heart kidney, inhibit myocardial contraction, slowing heart rate, expansion of coronary arteries, blood vessels relax, reducing blood pressure, Spleen intestinal astringent and has anti-aging to extend the life role. Lotus seeds as a health tonic food diet, they generally do not abandon the heart lotus, lotus seeds bitter heart, there are clear heart heat, solid-refined, soothe the nerves, strong heart effect. Lotus detoxification elements are also mainly from the lotus heart. Usage is generally 6 to 12 grams.

Cold body detoxification with jujube

Jujube attributed to qi drug class, cardio-run, cough, make up the five internal organs, cure wasting effect. Digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal function or poor people, very suitable for eat-point dates, in order to improve the condition, gain strength, to help restore the normal gastrointestinal detoxification. Jujube sugar high, can generate a lot of heat, cold body of human consumption, can change the physical status of the cold.

Jujube contains cyclic adenosine coronary artery can expand and enhance cardiac contractility. Jujube ingredient is also very high in vitamin C content, but also contains hawthorn acid nutrients, studies have proven that these substances have the effect of inhibition of cancer, that cancer prevention red dates have a good effect. One dosage is usually 15.

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