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Acupuncture weight loss unique.

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 3:11:45 PM
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In different parts of the body subcutaneous fat is different. Some middle-aged men are more abdominal subcutaneous fat, and some women, the fat is usually deposited in the abdomen, buttocks and thigh area, but due to genetic reasons lead to some parts of the fat will not be reduced. I have seen a few for weight loss and dieting status so that the hunger strike, although some parts of thin anymore, but the original remains the same fat-rich areas, and the ugly color.

At present many ways to lose weight, but has a unique acupuncture weight loss treatment is safe and convenient to apply and its weight-loss principle is: Using acupuncture to stimulate the appropriate points, and clear the meridians, mediation endocrine and body balance, through conditioning, from the inside out and stuffed animals Kaneharu. Treatment of endocrine disorders caused by obesity, simple obesity and so on, can quickly lose excess fat, tightening the skin, not relaxation, weight loss no wrinkles, no way affect the health, a course of treatment can be reduced 5-40 pounds and do not bounce . Acupuncture weight loss is the most effective method of a healthy diet.

Acupuncture weight loss for the crowd: long-term weight loss is invalid persons; drug to lose weight losers; dieters hungry and those who fear; surgery were afraid of the pain; Palei who exercise to lose weight.

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