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Acupuncture weight loss, 5 errors

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 4:02:57 PM
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Misunderstanding 1, the effect can be seen every day

Some people are overweight in itself is not serious, so the effect of weight loss is not so obvious. Weight loss, body weight is also related to a number of local weight loss, such as abdominal weight, the effect is its obvious characteristics, but weight loss was not obvious. In addition, weight loss, with the characteristics of the fat, soft fat, fast and clear cut, hard fats do not bear fruit.

Any weight loss methods are to be gradually adjusted, each person's response to the different acupuncture, which requires continuous treatment.

Misunderstanding 2, needle-stick injury the better

 Many beauty salons, weight loss centers a bundle on the bundle thirty or forty needles, customers are also feeling much more pins and needles is a good effect. In fact, acupuncture is a need for professional knowledge, it has chapters there is a law, focusing on selected points on the real effect of weight on it more than a dozen points, other bar to useless, if not carefully rolling the wrong, it may take to bad consequences.

Misunderstanding 3, acupuncture susceptible to

The needles used in acupuncture are very small, on the skin, the general acupuncture are minimal trauma, the body's normal repair in general fast, not because of other damage, such as infection, unless it is posted inserted needle (ear of a needle) should be noted that to avoid the water, the other body had little impact for the everyday life, bathing, swimming is not a problem.

Mistakes 4, affixed ear when you can not wash your hair

 When we just can not wash your hair paste ear, but try not to pay attention to the ears wet. The general ear that he could not wet the water because they are afraid to lose adhesive tape, if embedded needle, you need to avoid the water, so you can try to wear earmuffs and then shampoo.

Misunderstanding 5, acupuncture to lose weight once and for all

Acupuncture weight loss is the body's adjustment is a need for repeated treatment, continue to strengthen the establishment of a new state. The doctor's advice, the general need to adhere to more than three months of intensive and intensity of treatment (in particular, obesity is recommended six months to a year), is a slow adjustment process, when the treatment stopped, the weight is basically to maintain the one to three years of normal levels.

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