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Acupuncture more effective weight loss

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 4:05:46 PM
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Acupuncture and massage to lose weight in recent years, highly obese people seeking weight loss methods, how its efficacy.

China then launched a six-month hospital study of depth and to follow up the acceptance of acupuncture and massage treatment of obese patients to lose weight and found that the efficacy of weight loss acupuncture massage is more than ideal, Jiucheng of patients within 15 weeks of a successful reduction weight.

The results showed that diet and exercise habits without any adjustment cases, 30 patients receiving acupuncture to lose weight, 90% in 15 weeks not only to subtract at least 3 kg, body fat percentage will be reduced by at least 1% of . Slimming massage to accept another 30 patients, only 66% in the same period the rate of weight loss and reduce body fat.

"Research proved that in order to acupuncture and massage is effective for weight loss. And if the patient can further adjust your diet and exercise habits, the effect of weight loss will naturally improve. It is only in the treatment of patients dedication into in order to achieve good and long-lasting effect. "

The mechanism of acupuncture to lose weight mainly through the stimulation of acupuncture points, prompting the body secrete neurotransmitters related to resume eating and drinking on the brain center regulating the function of the normal control of appetite.

In addition, acupuncture can regulate the function of insulin and leptin to promote the application of glucose and fat decomposition, indirect achieve weight loss results.


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