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Acupuncture how to Lose the Weight and Keep

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 06,2009, 5:25:53 PM
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How to lose weight and keep it off with acupuncture and Chinese medicine . Acupuncture is a combination therapy. It is not a panacea or a miracle cure for obesity treatment. However, acupuncture in the most easy to lose and maintain that lotcmwell.com

How to lose weight and keep it off with acupuncture and Chinese medicine . Acupuncture is a combination therapy. It is not a panacea or a miracle cure for obesity treatment. However, acupuncture in the most easy to lose and maintain that lo...

How to lose weight and keep it off with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture is a combination therapy. It is not a panacea or a miracle cure for obesity treatment. However, acupuncture in the most easy to lose and maintain that loss, if the patient is willing to change their lifestyle to be effective. The exact mechanism by which acupuncture works is unknown, but we know that acupuncture needles inserted into specific body parts in the ear release endorphins, calming and relaxing effect that would be simpler, with anxiety, frustration and fear work can lead to excessive food intake and binge eating make you fat.

To vote in favor of acupuncture in the right place for you, you should proceed to a consultation on your particular plan to discuss in excess, and let the doctor in your registration form to see if there are real problems of the digestive system. So acupuncture is controlled pulse to detect the general state of your energy and health of the stomach energy in particular dimensions, and then your language, you can see Time cracks, peeling, or swelling in the stomach area or a suspicious yellow or may indicate a thick white layer, heat or cold in my stomach worrying and take some evidence that the person may gain weight.

Then, armed with this information, develop a treatment protocol using a combination of acupuncture points ear and body acupuncture.
Although the Chinese developed the system of the ear (EAR), acupuncture has been one of the Micro systems various body parts that all points in relation to major organs and body parts, a Frenchman named Nogier discovered many Most acupuncture points on the ear or Western medicine, as pointed out,  adrenal gland ,  pituitary gland ,  FSH ,  ovary ,  thyroid , etc.

Mouth - the impulsive diner can also smoke a lot of discussion and stomach many - that the person to eat, even when fully or nibbling Hungry - for general appetite control Lung - for food addicts and people who love chocolate, sweets Shimon - a point of calm, of the psychology overlay for anxiety, anger, frustration, insecurity Endocrine - for water retention, which is responsible for some of the weight gain adrenal and ovarian cancer - to increase the weight due to menopause or PMS
Spleen - for sugar imbalances and hormonal disorders of the kidneys - water retention, and nervous system disorders and thyroid hormones - for slow metabolism, your doctor may use two or more of these points for each treatment depending the patient's problem and personality profiles of excess consumption.

Then the agency will be selected locations.


Acupuncture can be used electrical stimulation of some of these acupuncture points to increase endorphin release and stimulate metabolism. The needles should be kept for thirty, forty-five minutes, depending on how much support is necessary for the patient, and after the disposal of needles, equipped with the labels of the TAC in size, often in the same places in the ear continues to promote among treatments. The operation is as follows: if the patient feels the need to eat, apply gentle pressure point or rubbing your back and forth for about 20 seconds. This type of acupressure stimulates the point, which leads to a mild endorphin release, relaxes the patient and helps to solve them again and will be, or to resist the temptation to eat. The patient removes the TAC home after three days and fly or arrive sooner if irritation or discomfort. It's a good idea, even himself in the situation, person or food that the abolition of the resistance to diet to cause or contribute to the decline of the will. You could, for example, you want to stay away from the kitchen and refrigerator between meals.


 After a few treatments strengthen the patient and doctor decide together when the common treatments to stop and then may be directed to about four times a year to the change of seasons when energy levels are unstable and stimulate and harmonization of systems for the coverage is suitable for everyone.


Other important tools that can help in weight loss are stress reduction techniques and a moderate exercise program. Acupuncture can reduce stress include various methods that may indicate breathing exercises, tai chi, yoga, meditation or biofeedback. And because the goal is not only a weight loss program weight, but maintaining that loss, a training program that loves the patient is the best option. The patient could try a program that even brisk walking three times a week for forty minutes. After a few weeks, which increases the resistance, which could try walking five times a week. Following aerobic exercise, plus adding the corridor, stair climbing or aerobics, cycling, or what is the rigorous application of the person and can achieve long-term. It's a good idea, weights beginning with three pound weights and practicing just two to three sets of arm curls three times weekly usage. Moderate weight training builds muscle and helps reduce body fat and strengthen and increase bone mass and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Next good individual nutritional program is important because each with a different metabolism and different nutrient needs. It also vitamins, minerals, herbs antioxidants, phytochemicals and nutraceuticals. These support the diet and help balance blood sugar, the body gives strength, energy and defense should be a healthy lifestyle, which confirmed that he started.

San Zha (Fructus CRATAEGI) funds - the digestion of meat and fat, dissolves food accumulation Shen Qu (medicated leaven) - digests alcohol, rice and vinegar and dissolves food accumulation Lai Fu Zi (Semen Raphani) - digests starch (wheat and bread) Food Ban resolve Xia (Pinellia), Chen Pi (Tangerine Peel) and Fu Ling (Fate Cocos) - humidity and concentrations of approved foods Lian Qiao (Fructus Forsythiae ) - the heat of the stomach, which can be accumulated in the soil, if the gastric fluid this herbal formula is taken as famous tea, you can add other herbs, if gas or bloating, such as watercress or Magnolia bark. Or if constipation is a problem, a mild laxative such as semen or Huo Ma Ren pruni used. However, an important concept in Chinese medicine is the correct diagnosis and treatment of patients with the correct herbs so as not to consume the body fluids or disturb electrolyte balance. The accumulation of food may increase due to lack of stomach for the doctor, other herbs, such as energy Codonopsis stomach so that food could be properly released through the digestive tract.

Although the patient to undergo a behavioral change program and successfully lose weight is a good idea, a series of deep breathing exercises and abdominal acupuncture meridians or energy lines used to relax the body and stimulate digestion play. If you practice deep abdominal breathing when lying down for a few minutes in the morning before it happens, we not only oxygen, but that stimulation of the stomach, spleen, kidneys, sexual power lines depict the entire media is the trunk. Improves digestion and all the institutions work better. Furthermore, we will start the day with more energy and clarity.

Another method to promote these same organs of the abdomen is the stomach massage finger in the direction of the colon. This massage can also be in bed in the morning and afternoon and should be done gently encourage all parts of the spine and not only encourage proper digestion but will foster homeostasis or the harmonious balance of hormonal and the body's endocrine system.

Acupuncture how to Lose the Weight and Keep 

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