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Vaginal tightening surgery

Updated: Saturday, Feb 06,2010, 9:05:20 PM
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Who is suitable for vaginal tightening surgery?

Where vaginal delivery, the old perineal tear, poor wound healing after episiotomy, or congenital causes of vaginal relaxation, leading to those dissatisfied with sexual life, can consider vaginal tightening surgery. Vaginal tightening vaginal relaxation technique can improve the result of problems caused by the sexual life, but it does not resolve due to psychological or other causes of sexual problems of living.

Preoperative vaginal tightening doctor how to check?

The first treatment, the doctor will be for you to conduct gynecological examinations, to determine whether you have vaginal relaxation, as well as what kind of causes of vaginal relaxation. You should be very frank and put forward your greatest discomfort, as well as you most want to achieve through the surgery results. This will help to help physicians understand your expectations and determine whether these expectations can be treated through surgery.

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