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Rabies prevention measures

Updated: Saturday, Jan 23,2010, 4:40:47 PM
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① The source of infection: dogs, dogs and asymptomatic carriers of the virus is a major source of infection, followed by Bing Mao, the sick sick animals, wolves.

② transmission: sick animals, 50% ~ 90% saliva containing rabies virus through bites, scratches, film the human body, the mucosa be transmitted to humans, may also be exposed to saliva-contaminated external environment (rocks, branches, etc.), then Normal wound contamination and infection.

③ crowd generally susceptible to being bitten by animals after the disease if no preventive immunization, the incidence rate of 15% ~ 60%.

④ popular features: the disease as a constant temperature animal infectious diseases, announced a wide range of domestic dog density in order to place more common. The disease occurs throughout the year, but the incidence of winter, a little spy. Patients to reach out to dogs or wild animals are numerous opportunities for young adults and children, mostly in rural areas.
Prevention measures

① kill wild dogs, possession of a good dog. Dogs veterinary rabies vaccine should be injected on a regular basis and register listing the city allowed to keep dogs.

② with the rabies virus, contact with sick animals and more people the opportunity to be the prevention of rabies vaccine injections.

③ course the need to isolate patients, nursing staff should wear masks, gloves, disinfectant and timely discharge of patients.

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