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Integrative Health

Updated: Friday, Oct 16,2009, 9:54:33 AM
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Integrated Health simply means that the clever combination of two therapies from the East and West, treatments and health protocols. It incorporates the best of both worlds. Western medicine, although powerful, is the drug situation requires. It asks too little emphasis on prevention. Chinese medicine is on the other hand, based on the precautionary principle. This is the body's natural ability to heal itself, and there are causes and not just the symptoms.

In my own practice over the past 15 years, I experienced the power of integrative medicine. Working both independently and in collaboration with doctors, therapists and nurses, I used my skills in massage therapy to help Chinese Chi Kung and Tai Chi, hundreds of people to restore and restore health.

One of the biggest success I was Janet, a 47-year-old woman with an array of serious health and mobility. When she was referred to me, weighing 350 pounds, had a stable blood pressure was 180/100 and at great risk of a stroke or heart attack. Doctors found the signs in his heart and said he would need surgery. Janet couldn't even tolerate the drug, blood pressure and requested an opportunity to become better.

Janet and I worked together for three years. He taught them, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chinese massage therapy out of those who changed their diet and lifestyle. She lost 135 pounds, blood pressure was normal 120/80 and left scars in his heart. The doctors were surprised by their progress. Her cardiologist said it was the heart of a 25-year-old. Today, Janet has a normal life, filled with new energy and optimism, and enjoy the grandchildren.

Another notable success was Mike visited me for the pancreatic. Mike took a series of attacks that led to hospitalization. The doctor said that the pancreatic duct was blocked and for morphine in pain. He made changes in diet and received Chinese massage techniques and Chi Kung taught me. Within a few months, the swollen pancreas was restored to normal size and the involvement removed.

A third success is that Sarah came to me after having to fight multiple sclerosis for more than five years. Treatment for helping Chinese massage therapy to relax their members and their blood and energy flow, refer to rule. I trained in Chi Kung for relaxation and to regain their strength in his body. Now Member States their symptoms almost completely disappeared. It is stronger and more relaxed person. He said control over her life and feels Chi Kung now shared with students in their hometown.

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