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Accupoints for diarrhea

Updated: Saturday, Apr 04,2009, 5:03:02 PM
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Accupoints for diarrhea:

Zhongwan, Tianqu, Neiguan, Zusanli,
Shangjuxu is 3-cun under Zusanli.
Pishu, Weishu
Dachangshu is under the fourth lumbar vertebra and 1.5-cun near the governor vessel.

Diarrhea that is egest dejecta many times a day with many water, the dejecta is exiguous, headstrong, often accompanied with abdominal pain, which caused by exteral cold wetness or hotness, or eating and drinking without temperance to cause functional disorder of stomach intestine, or the internal heat could not be regulated well to cause Yang deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

Those who are diarrhea just as first time which belongs to wet heat, while those who are obstinate disease which belongs to deficient cold.

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